Big Snow Arrives In Chicago

February 1st,2011 at 10pm.

Big Snow Rolls into Chicago

It was awesome.

A Flurricane!





Snow drifts!

We went outside, We Saw, We Recorded.

We came back inside


Enjoyed Hot Chocolate!

Thank you for bring a part of our blizzard!

Odd Love Company.



8 thoughts on “Big Snow Arrives In Chicago

  1. Hot chocolate with mini-marshmellows….I could go for a cup right now! 😀

    Katybeth you even make a blizzard sound like fun.

  2. You made Cole shovel?? Better than the walk to school uphill story and you have it on video! I would sell him the video..when he has kids…!


    • I DID NOT make Cole shovel. But your right, it will be a great story for him to share with his kids! Wonder how much I can sell him the video for?

  3. Next time there is an opportunity to reach out and be a part of something–I am going for it and not just watching out the window. Thanks for the inspiration! Big Snow! So cool.

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