Waiting for Big Snow!

Waiting for Big Snow!

I moved to Chicago in 1986. In the years that I have lived here, Da Bears have won a Super Bowl, the Sox have won a World Series, the Chicago Bulls have won 6 championship titles, the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup, and the Cubs…well, they came very, very close to winning a World Series.

Aside comment #1 – I am writing this blog post at 12:56 a.m., it’s snowing and my neighbor is out shoveling his sidewalk. Doesn’t that seem ODD?

I missed the great Chicago blizzard of 1967, when 23 inches of snow fell on Chicago. Joe, however, told Cole and I lots of stories about that historic blizzard. His older brothers made him take his sled and go to the store for two gallons of milk. He trudged through snow banks taller them him, uphill both ways. Coming home was especially hard, with two heavy gallons of milk that kept falling off the sled, but he prevailed and made it home. Joe’s story was an odd combination of the movies Christmas Story and Dr. Zhivago.

The Blizzard of 2011 starts off Flakey on Monday night

In 1999, Joe, Cole, and I were visiting my parents in Houston when 21.6 inches of snow fell on Chicago. Joe’s sister and brother-in-law had offered to take care of my Doberman, Moose, while we were in Houston. The plan was for them to come to our house several times a day to let Moose in and out. When the blizzard hit, it snowed 18.6 inches in 24 hours.  It was impossible for the snowplows to keep up. My brother- and sister-in-law (Joe’s sister is NOT a quitter) walked from their house to ours, covering 3.3 miles in 18.6 inches of snow to care for Moose. A kind soul stopped and offered them a ride on their return walk home.  When we arrived home, the blizzard was over, Moose had been lovingly cared for, and the snow had been shoveled.  Cole demanded to see “Big Snow.”

Aside comment #2 – Mr. Neighbor is still shoveling. I thought you would want to know.

Its been 11 years since Cole’s first demand for “Big Snow” and it looks like he is about to be rewarded for his patience. A blizzard is expected to bless Chicago with18 inches of snow between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon.

Big Snow means delayed and canceled airline flights.  Cole and I are scheduled to fly to the very place (New Mexico) the blizzard is rolling in from on Thursday for my dad’s 80th birthday party, which has been planned for over a year (shhh, it’s a surprise). Oh snow!

My choices are to get all out of “snowrts” or to just “snowrender.” I choose Big Snow excitement. We will be enjoying the  blizzard to its fullest. On Thursday, we will deal with canceled and delayed flights at the airport, enjoying airport Cinnabons and the Internet. Eventually we will fly.

Aside comment #3 – Mr. Neighbor has stopped shoveling and gone inside. I no longer hear the scraping of the shovel, so I’m sure he went inside. Ok fine, I will walk outside and make sure the neighbor that once complained because I got 10 drops of water on his sidewalk while watering my flowers is not frozen to his shovel or worse.

Trudging out to check on Mr. Neighbor

I hope you are happy! The neighbor is fine, but my socks are wet, since I couldn’t find my boots.

It is now 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning and the blizzard is progressing nicely. I think we will have a snow day today. Not that it matters, since Cole is sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, and running a fever. Yep, my parents are sure going to be happy to see us when we arrive Thursday, smelling of Cinnabons and Cole with a runny nose and hacking cough.

Thank you for indulging me while I wait for the Chicago blizzard of 2011. More riveting updates are sure to follow, so stay tuned. I think it’s time to walk outside and take a snow picture.  Do you want to see Mr. Neighbor’s shoveled sidewalk? Does anyone know where I put my boots?

Thy Neighbors walk

Oh wait!!!  I am dying to know, what kind of meals would you fix to eat during a blizzard? I considered ordering takey outey but well…maybe not. Don’t worry I do have the essentials in place; little bottles of cokes, hot chocolate ,mini marshmallows, and Starbucks coffee.

Thanks for dropping by Odd  and being a part of the Great Chicago Will-It-Be blizzard of 2011. Odd Love Company!


I love this link for weather updates!

22 thoughts on “Waiting for Big Snow!

  1. I think you should make chilli. You make the best chilli I ever tasted. I still do not have the recipie by the way. Seriously the hot and spicy food would be good for your little patient.

    You will make it home for your Dad’s birthday and Cole will be well!

  2. I think Big Snow deserves celebration–I’m glad you’re doing it up right! Plus, think of the workout you’ll get shoveling all of that stuff!

    Blizzard food: a big pot of red sauce bubbling all day on the stove, green chile enchiladas, clam chowder. Yum.

    I was going to whine because it’s -13 degrees here, but with all of that snow coming your way, I think I’ll keep my mouth shut!

    • Mmmm…Your food choice are great—Glad I saw these comments 2 years late but during our first real snow of the year!

  3. Chili and soup are good and don’t mess up many dishes–that’s key if you think you might have a power outage. In that case, it’s PBJ sandwiches.

    My Indianapolis daughter says she’s ready–stocked up on everything from milk to a new jigsaw puzzle.

    Oh… didn’t I hear on the news that Dallas had a windchill of ONE??? I know you said Houston, but I don’t think it will be exactly balmy there!

    The dogs borrowed your boots, I’m pretty sure.

    • Funny thing..we went to a family party on Thursday night and came home with a big tupperware of Chili. Two years after I saw your comment….Chili will work!


  4. Stay safe and warm, Katybeth. I’m in downstate Illinois, and I promise you, this is beastly! Yesterday, we had hours on end of ice, freezing rain, and sleet. Everything looks like Narnia outside, and my poor Sheltie loses his bottom when he slips and slides outside to potty! Today, we’re expecting MORE ice, followed by 6 inches of snow, followed by high winds. Don’t know what we did to deserve this! I’ll take your two feet of snow any day!

    • Well the weather is snowy two years later but not frightful-I think we ended up with about 18 inches of snow and while it was pretty for the first week, it never occurred to me it would be around for many more weeks to come..I think we had snow on the ground until April.

  5. Homemade chicken noodle soup or Shepard’s Pie followed by a big slice of chocolate cake. Love your weather updates, KB.
    Oh, and take a nap today! 🙂

    • Although it is two years later when I am reading this…I plan to take the nap. Chicken noodle soup and chocolate cake is always good!

  6. Do you think your neighbor thought he could keep ahead of the snow? That did seem a little odd. You’re such a good neighbor for making sure he wasn’t frozen to his shovel. I hope you and Cole have a happy blizzard and that you make it to your dad’s party.

    Oh, and I vote soup for blizzard meals…but I eat soup for any occasion. Happy Blizzarding and stay warm and for heaven’s sake find your boots or you’ll be sniffling soon! Hugs, Diane

  7. Snow requires soup, I make a great chicken and sausage gumbo!

    Hope you all get out to the airport without trouble. Can you CTA it out there or are you going to hjave to drive?

    • Chicken and sausage gumbo sounds very yummy! Two years later (just seeing this comment)….we did make it to the party but I’m pretty sure the streets were clearer enough for a cab.

  8. You must’ve been very excited about this snow that you’re up waiting for it! 🙂 Cole got his wish!! Although not a great timing with him being cold and travel planning. I hope he can still enjoy it and no (or very little) interruption on you travel plan. Happy birthday to your dad! I think your neighbor is very “smart” shoveling during the blizzard. That mistake would’ve makes more sense if done by Indonesian girl like me who never experience a snow or blizzard (except from Dairy Queen). Ahahaha.. but at least he kinda keep you company with that shoveling sounds. To answer your question, my comfort food during snow is rice soup! Yes, this Indo girl cannot stay away from rice. 🙂

  9. Potato soup or chilli. Praying for a relief in the weather long enough for your uneventful travels. Hope that by Thursday the blizzard will be over and you can fly out as scheduled. Traveling Angels will protect you. You were so nice to worry about your neighbor. That alone deserves some special blessings. 😉 Please post on Odd when you are safe in the warmth of your parents home. I would love to know that your flight was great, Cole is well and you are intertaining your dad at his Surprise (shhhh) party. I am so glad I live in the South. I would tell you what the temp is here but it would diffinently be bragging. Everyone stay safe.

  10. Hi Katybeth:

    We’re awaiting a blizzard here today too (probably yours)…

    I hope that your snow has been cleaned up enough that you can get to Texas on Thursday (Happy Birthday to your dad…is he ODD too?). I hope Cole is feeling better by then (cold pills are a wonderful thing!).

    Our blizzard food is going to be Jim’s pot roast served with carrots and potatoes! If we’re lucky, he might make biscuits too!


    • If this comment reaches you two years later—hope you are well…I often smile and think of you when I read one of your old comments. Pot roast is great blizzard food!

  11. Thought I’d check on you… Don’t suppose your neighbor came over to shovel your walk, did he?

    When we lived in Wisconsin, our son’s snow-shoveling services made him quite popular in the neighborhood. With school and basketball practice, it was hard. My husband finally bought a snow blower with a headlight. I think it was called The Driftbuster. Son could go around the entire block with that sucker and still be back inside before his hot chocolate cooled.

    I hope you have your hot chocolate at your side. Stay warm!

    • Still drinking hot chocolate two years later and my neighbor still goes out to shovel at different intervals during the night. So Odd. I would love a snowblower but so far Cole shovels and a couple of the neighbors who do have snow blowers are generous enough to do most of the street.

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