Friday Night Survival Guide

Do you Katybeth promise to hold Friday Nghts scared?

It’s Friday Night

In the early days, Joe and I would fight a lot on Friday nights. We were both tired by the week’s end, but had different ideas about how to chill out. A planner by nature, I wanted to preview the weekend. A drinker by nature, Joe wanted to shake martinis.

Friday was always Joe’s drinking night. He did not drink during the week or eat ice cream. Those two activities were reserved for Friday and Saturday night. I almost never drink or eat ice-cream, in case you were wondering.

I quickly learned to accept that while Joe may have married me for better or worse, he had no intention of playing Candyland or previewing Saturday’s chores on Friday nights.

Here is a page from my Friday night  survival guide with Joe:

1. Friday night’s conversation should not go much deeper than, “Who should be the opening quarterback for the Bears on Sunday?” These kinds of riveting conversations worked well because I was always in complete agreement with Joe.

2. Encourage Joe to meet a friend at local dumpy on bar on Friday nights. This worked so well that I often considered setting up Friday night bar-dates for Joe.

3. Saturday chores and plans should never be a part of Friday night discussions.

4. Along those same lines, Friday nights are not a time to engage in conversations about your relationship or the exercise program you want to start as a couple.

5.  It’s fine to go to bed and leave someone to drink alone. At a certain point, conversation with the television is all they need.

6. Cole learned early on that Friday nights are not “Daddy and Me” time. We don’t have to pay attention to our children all the time.

7. Dinner on Friday night should not require a lot of effort. We often ordered the usual pizza or ordered fish and chips from a local takey outey place.

8. Don’t agree to attend your friend’s children’s concerts or plays on Friday night. Traffic, little chairs … I put us through this once. It was not pretty.

9. Friday night sex … straight forward. Is it wrong for me to tell you that Friday night sex might sweeten Saturday’s honey-do list?’

Friday nights are different without Joe. I admit to sometimes leaving a martini shaker and a glass on the counter, you know, just for old times’ sake. Joe knows I always keep a bottle of vodka in the freezer.

Tonight was one of those nights where I could have sworn I heard Joe shaking a martini. I went into the kitchen and felt him say, “Hey, Katybeth has that moron been back to park in front of our house?”

Cheers, Joe!

Tell me, I am so curious, I can hardly wait to know…..How do you like to spend your Friday nights? Odd loves company!


(Mad) Men’s Club: The Three-Martini Lunch

Joe’s favorite  Martini Shaker

18 thoughts on “Friday Night Survival Guide

  1. My husband and I always have a cocktail at home before going out to dinner somewhere. Sometimes it’s dinner with friends or my sister. It’s never a late night. I’m usually in bed by ten cuz I’m gettin old and tire easily. 😀

  2. Friday nights are chill nights at my house. I don’t cook, I don’t go out, I don’t do anything more than click the remote control on the television and am in bed by 11:00. We are a real party house!

    Loved your Friday night survival guide.

    Hugs, Diane

  3. Every family finds their rhythm together, whatever it may be. Our Friday nights are video game nights. I swear this is how my kids learned the days of the week, counting till Friday came.

    • Isn’t that the truth. Even know, my business is barking on the weekend-not being boxed in by driving my teen to school everyday and having some unscheduled time is a such a pleasure.

  4. Friday nights are always spent with a hopeless romantic. Jim loves to go to the movies and he loves it more if I prepare him a nice dinner before hand. Jim goes out of his way to be considerate ordering a netflix film for the two of us to share and he will pick a foreign or period film I would enjoy. He is a big date night guy and I try my best not to disappoint. Yesterday while I was at the salon getting hair and facial he decided to go to a barber and get a professional beard trim. He wanted to look his best when he picked me up as we rushed to get to our 4:30 early film. The dates are earlier now that we’re older but my Hunya is the same a hopless romantic with a pink Victoria Secret bag hidden in the car somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to see. You are correct Saturdays are always better when things go their way.

  5. Hope everyone has a most romantic weekend with your love ones. There is something about this holiday that makes you think more about romance and love. Those who have someone, love each other and enjoy the weekend. Those who are looking, maybe this weekend will be the time to find them. And those who are happy being a single person with no one to consider how your weekends will go hope it is still filled with love. Hoping everyone finds happiness this weekend. As for me, my husband is working today and so it will be late. I got a 3 diamond ring which I have no other diamonds except the shivers that are on my wedding band. I love my husband. He will work and I will play nurse. My grandson has the flu. We will TLC him till he gets well. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Katybeth.

  6. Friday nights are never the “usual.” Maybe dinner, drinks, dinner & drinks, a movie, a rental, cleaning, bed early . . . never the same. However, we do have a bold parker in front of our house (the space my son dug out for an hour), thanks for giving me an opening to channel my outrage! I feel better, as I always do after reading MY ODD! Love, J

    • I bet your son is fit to be tied with that parking thug. That is awful. I will curse him for you. One of my little known talents.

      May Rain and fire ill wind and snow and hard-frost follow the unmuzzled, heavy-handed clotpole where ever he goes for at least the rest of the day.

  7. Friday nights we all spread out, like we’re in a booth.
    The few times I have tried to plan something for Friday
    nights, they have failed. No one wants to do anything
    TOGETHER. Maybe I will see a movie with a friend, or
    Alan and Willy will go to the gym, but last night Phil and
    I watched Town, and that was perfect.
    Hannah and her dad watched a reality show, and that
    was perfect, for them.
    Willy read….
    I guess we are boring on Friday nights!
    I loved your piece Katybeth, and most of all I think
    you are right, that Joe was shaking that martini,
    just for you. xoxox B

    • I know by Friday everyone is spent–does not sound boring to me…forced fun is boring and guaranteed to cause slammed doors, tears, and hurt feelings and that’s just the moms…

  8. Usually, we’re all tired by Friday night and usually just hang out at home (it’s the only night besides Monday that the girls don’t have cheerleading practice). Just another day for us…


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