Hawk Hearts a Valentines Day Poem

Hawk our poetic muse, shares a Valentines Day poem that hearts the complex feelings around this day with humor.

Eros peeks his little head

Above the rocks with steady aim

Arrows piercing butts abound

His laughs intently show his game.

Agape simply stays in bed

Keeps the pillow on his head

No use today to tell the masses

Don’t wear those damned rose colored glasses

And on this day abandon hope

All ye who enter and elope

Particular to Spring’s first joke

I present the horny Jack-a-lope.

No sin, I tell you Cupid’s jest

His love’s to make his happy mess

They’re swappin spit from here to there

Bras and neckties, god knows where.

I’ll admonish while I can

Careful with your heart young man.

There are a host of days to come,

When romance is a salient plan.

The Cherubs seems to know their way

Around the human heart…today

Some say better, some say worse,

Tomorrow is a different verse.

~ H. Durham – Valentine’s Day 2011

6 thoughts on “Hawk Hearts a Valentines Day Poem

  1. Hawk you are an amazing writer. Need to write a book and keep track on all these treasures. Happy Valentines Day. Lots of love, laughter and romance be yours today and ever day. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Lots of Love to you Katybeth.

  2. I come to Odd from time to time I don’t think I’m even a registered user….oh, the shame.
    Anyway, thanks you guys! I like to keep it fun with a thinking persons twist whenever possible.
    I hope to see all of you “Odds” out, about and around.

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