Camp March Hairs

I filed a report with the ‘Federal Bureau of Weather Investigation’: I think my yard has been targeted for an ongoing weather terrorist attack.

First it snows, then it melts, and then it rains. The Blizzard of 2011 killed my wood chips, so my ground cover is mud. Torrential rain followed the Blizzard of 2011 and melted the snow, but left behind pits in the middle of my yard. When the pits fill with water they are ponds, and when they freeze they are skating rinks. In the spring, I am adding a duck and a few goldfish to the ponds—it will make it more exciting for my Labs and Retrievers. Hey, I’m just making lemonade out of mud. Of course, I am not going to let the labs or the retrievers eat our camp duck. I’m going to buy a very fast and loudly quacking duck, and teach it to fly to the top of the garage when it feels threatened.

During these hard winter months, while I have become a little bit of a quack, my pups have enjoyed running amuck in our yard, playing in the mud pond, sliding on the ice when the mud pond froze over, and chasing each other until they are four legged muddy disasters. And then you know what they do right? They race over to check in with me, and while I yell “no, No, NO!” they give me a high five with 2 muddy wet paws. Can I just mention again about the importance of teaching your pups not to jump on people? NO JUMPING! Especially on me—the one who loves them, spoils them, lets them take sips of my Starbucks… NO JUMPING!

We had a weather reprieve. My yard was on the dryer side, the temperature was mild, and my campers were ready to bark and fetch. I still got jumped on (remember, we are all going to work on NO JUMPING!!) but the paws were dry not wet and muddy—it makes a difference.

It’s raining again. The weather terrorist has returned, and my yard is muddy. Fine weather for a duck, though. Quack.

A video of my not so muddy camp March Hairs.

16 thoughts on “Camp March Hairs

  1. Katybeth – You quack me up!! Love that you set the video to Toby Keith and Willie Nelson! The pups appear to be having a great time although I’d watch those little ones who were gathered near the gate…could be the next great escape. Hugs, Diane

    • Love Toby and Willie
      The gate those little one are standing next to is a “decoration gate.” The double bolted gate is on the other side. They don’t have a chance.

  2. Love how all the tails are swinging. Great group! Looks like it was Carin Terrier week at camp. Did I count three?

    No Jumping! Not even a little jump? If you are going to let the duck fly seems only fair the pups get in a little jump.

  3. Love the music, Love the campers. I hope your weather takes a turn for the better soon.

    Not sure about a camp duck. 😀

  4. Is that Chelsea, Kb? Your oldest camper–18 or something like that..she looks great. I noticed the only one howling and barking is a little white terrier, could that be Rascal?

    Love the music! I think a duck is a fine idea. Make it a very, very fast duck.

    • Good memory Geri–Yep that Chelsea. Our oldest camper (18+) She is such a trouper.

      Yes, a fast duck is key and I’m sure I don’t know what little white howling dog you are referring to. Rascal was the perfectly behaved terrier willing to share her yard and her ball with her friends.

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