Good Golly! Rascal is Green!

Bring on the green beagles. Wait I mean green bagels!


Jack Russells are a lot of things including extremely good sports. Rascal is a very good Sport.

Everyone always wants to know if Rascal minds dressing up and being painted for holidays. Of course not and I’m not just saying that…she really doesn’t mind. Go ahead ask her–she speaks fluent human.  Rascal likes the attention and the generous treats that come with every photo shoot; after all she does not work for free. She loves bacon, ham in a pinch, and cheese will do if the photo shoot does not include paint. It’s all carefully spelled out in her contract.

Jack Russells are not Irish by breed. They are English. But Rascal likes corned beef (no cabbage, please) has been known to help herself to sips of cocktails, loves a good joke, and  sometimes shows a bit of temper. If you pinch her- she will bite you.

Tonight when we have corn beef, cabbage, and soda bread for dinner—Rascal will look up at Cole and me and say, “Feed me—I’m Irish.”

And we will, corned beef  is in her contract.


6 thoughts on “Good Golly! Rascal is Green!

  1. Rascal you should have your own corn beef plate for dinner.You are such a good sport. Adorable.

    Luck of the Irish to you this fine day, my friend!


    PS–what are we both doing up sooooo early??

  2. Bless her heart…she is a good sport and so talented..How many dogs can stand for such crazy things that her mistress puts her through? Give her a kiss for me. And happy farting tonight after the corn beef and cabbage. I really don’t think Rascal would appreciate cabbage farts!!!

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