Japan-“Beautiful tone, beautiful heart”~ Shinichi Suzuki


Plum or Ume flower blossoms

Japan will have beautiful Japanese Plum or Ume flower blossoms someday very soon


I generally protect myself from live video and news reports. I have never watched the fall of the 911 twin towers; I did not watch television coverage of  Hurricane Katrina -New Orleans or the Haiti earthquake; and I kept my visual distance from the BP oil spill. I don’t need the media to “do color”  for these events; I can imagine the worst all by myself.

The Japan coverage has been live and moment-by-moment. We can see the devastation as it happens, and I have found myself drawn in and starting to drown and shake right along with the Japanese people. The devastation and the coverage have been beyond the beyond. How much news coverage can we absorb without doing something? But the only option available to most of us right now is to share the devastating videos and news coverage. My first response was to share on Facebook the video I had just been viewing of the Japan Tsunami devastation.

First I shared, and then I deleted—I do not want to hold a picture of a devastated Japan in my mind, nor do I want to share that image. The images I want to share are of a strong Japan, a proud country with people who will overcome and rebuild.

I do not want to attract despair; I want to attract hope, encouragement, support, and strength. The worst will continue to unfold….the best needs our help right now.


Japanese Home

The Japanees will re-build their homes and their trees will grow strong and healthy from the clean air surrounding them.


The children of Japan are loved and their families are safe. Despite devastation—their will is very strong.

Please feel free to share your renewing love,and hope in the comment section of Odd and help us all continue to stay focused on the best to come for a country that needs our energy and strength.


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20 thoughts on “Japan-“Beautiful tone, beautiful heart”~ Shinichi Suzuki

  1. Beautiful post Kb. I am going to envision those blossoms surrounding the people of Japan all day to today. I am going to replace the truly devastating coverage I have watched way to much of with beautiful blossoms.

    • Hi Ken,
      We all have our way of seeing things. Mine may be different than yours–however I would like to point out that i did not use the word “positive” one time in this post.

  2. Last night I was listening to a reporter in Japan and he told of how calm, quiet, and prepared the people were, even in the face of such a tragedy. When the trains didn’t come, they began to walk home in a very orderly fashion. They stopped at traffic lights even though the cars in the streets were gridlocked. There has been no looting. That would be unthinkable, he said.

  3. I heard the same account ,I think, of the calm and determined spirit of the Japanese people. No fighting over water distribution or panicked frenzy. A calm and collected people who will make it through this sad time. Thanks for your positive post!

  4. I believe that there are many ways to assist in a disaster. One is to go there in physical support. Another is to hold the Spiritual Space. Your post was about the latter. The last thing that Japan needs right now is for the world to continue to hold onto the energy of devastation and despair by wringing their hands and re-watching the horror over and over and over again. See the country whole and repaired, with the Ume blossoms in full bloom.

  5. What a lovely post, KB. I, too, am joining you on the hope train. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Diane

    “Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” – George Iles

  6. Thank you for your post Katybeth your outlook is a healthy one and non- conventional. I take authority in prayer the only way I know how. I shall continue to call upon my Lord for mercy, healing and restoration for Japan and all it’s victims.

    • The magnitude of this disaster must even have God and his force of angels a little overwhelmed right now. Even a heavenly father can become weary; I’m sure he appreciates all our encouragement.

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