March 12, 2011: Try to Catch a Leprechaun Day

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March 11, 2011

12 Gold Coins

★~ Today’s Quote: “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures” Irish saying

★~March 12th is try to Catch a Leprechaun Day.

Since today is also Girl Scout Day, I would advise you to make sure it is a leprechaun and not a Girl Scout you are trying to catch. Read on and I will offer you some important tips on how to recognize both the Girl Scout and the leprechaun.

★~Today in History:

1951 – “Mr. Wiiiiillllssssson!” The comic strip, Dennis the Menace, appeared for the first time in 16 newspapers across the U.S. The strip became an international favorite in thousands of newspapers.

♥ ~ 1966Bobby Hull of the Chicago Blackhawks became the first player in the National Hockey League to score 51 points in a single season.

♥~ 1974 – Wonder Woman, the TV movie, came to ABC-TV, starring … are you ready? Cathy Lee Crosby. In November 1975, another Wonder Woman TV movie aired starring Lynda Carter. Eventually, after a series of specials, Wonder Woman became a regular CBS-TV show, still starring Lynda Carter in the title role. Wonder Woman’s real name, for those who have lost sleep wondering about such trivia, was Yeoman Diana Prince. As a bonus, Wonder Girl, Diana’s kid sister Druscilla, was played by Debra Winger. How about that?

♥~ 1965- Chart TopperThe Jolly Green GiantThe Kingsmen. This song is based on the  jingle used in Green Giant vegetable commercials. It starts with “In the valley of the Jolly… (ho, ho, ho)…”

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1933Barbara Feldon (Hall) actress: Get Smart, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

♥~1948James Taylor Singer: You’ve Got a Friend, Handy Man, Fire & Rain, How Sweet It Is [To Be Loved By You]; formerly married to Carly Simon.

★ ~Did you know: A few facts that might make catching a leprechaun easier

♥~ A leprechaun is a shoemaker fairy that’s keen on creating mischief. Tricky and crafty, a leprechaun is known to promise great fortune or even bribe his way out of a bind. The leprechaun is notorious for using some form of trickery and then vanishing without making any payout.

♥~ Leprechauns date back to before the 8th century and are a big part of Irish folklore.

♥~ Leprechauns are always male.

♥~ The pot of gold every leprechaun possesses totals 1 coin for each year of their life and they are known to have very long lives.

♥~ Once you spot a leprechaun he can’t escape unless you take your eyes off of him.

♥~ Most leprechauns are only about 2 feet tall, which is why it’s so easy for them to avoid being seen.

♥~ Leprechauns will hide their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but pick your rainbow carefully—the crafty leprechauns are constantly moving their gold to a new rainbow. That’s why you won’t always find a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

★~ I really don’t want you to confuse a Girl Scout for a leprechaun so here are a few identifying tips.

♥~ A Girl Scout is a young girl; a leprechaun is an old man.

♥~ A Girl Scout is over 4 feet and a leprechaun is only about 2 feet tall.

♥~ A Girl Scout wants to sell you her gold in the form of Thin Mints, Samoas and Do-Si-Dos! A leprechaun hides his gold.

♥~ Girl Scouts sell about 2 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies every year, with the most popular being Thin Mints. Jennifer Sharpe, from Dearborn Michigan, sold 17,328 boxes of cookies in 2008 and is believed to hold the national record.

How do you plan to try and catch your leprechaun? Will you bait him with a Girl Scout cookie? If so which cookie would you choose? Share with me in the comment section of Odd because you know Odd loves company…if you don’t have the time to visit right now…there is always tomorrow.


Here’s a wish for a day that’s lucky all through from the likes o’me to the likes o’you.


El Morno Updated: March 12, 2012


10 thoughts on “March 12, 2011: Try to Catch a Leprechaun Day

  1. I am Irish Indian. I feel pretty lucky myself. Surely there is a leprechaun out there for me to catch. I will put out a plate of fake gold coins and hope he is old and want know the difference. I am already lucky cause I get to read your El Mornos. Luck of the Irish to you KB.

  2. Whew–I am so glad you ‘splained about Leps and Scouts. What a terrible mistake it would be to grab the wrong one.
    I am going to put out a plate of thin mints and a pint of beer-not a perfect pairing but who knows…and if I don’t catch a Lep I might catch my husband and wrangle some chores out of him. Win. Win.

  3. Loving El Morno! The Jolly Green Giant (Ho Ho Ho), Leprechauns, girl scout cookies–El Morno is the perfect start to anyones day.


    • Really! Not me–I mean I just learned who Bobby Hull was and I live in Chicago! Next year, Cole and I are going to a Black Hawks game.
      James Taylor the tunes have been flying on facebook all day-one of my favorites is Secret of Life. Your right he does look good!

    • Fine. I must be the only person who really had no idea who Bobby Hull even was–I have a friend on facebook who is a Hockey addict and I felt sure he would appreciate the Bobby Hull-Chicago reference. However, I am always happy to shout out.
      You have speedy quick children…send them outside with a big bag and tell then you expect a Leprechaun by dinner 😀

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