Like Attracts Like-Camp-Run-A-Pup

Like Attracts Like

Recently, as I was sorting through Camp Run-A-Pup pictures, it occurred to me, once again, how often we have the same colors and breeds of pups check into the camp, even though they are not related.

Joe and I were students of the law of attraction long before it was considered “new age.” I would love to write about it on Odd sometime, but not today. Today, I would like to share some pictures with you.


White Sale: The two crib sheets are from the same family. The Queen and King sheets are from different families.


Howling Christmas. All of these beagles belonging to different families checked into camp at the same time over the holidays.


Odd. These pups all belonged to different families but checked into camp at the same time. We were worried.


Golden Goodness. Only two of these Golden's belong to the same family.


Got pugs. All three pugs are from different families.


Game of chess? Two pups per family. Both sets checked into camp at the same time.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are not a common breed but three checked into camp at the same time. Different families.


Two Big bullies and one baby bully all from different families-Checked into camp at the same time


The Weinheimers decided to visit camp--all from different families


Formal attire at camp? The two collies are from the same family, The boxer and Bernese mountain dog are from different families


“What power this is I cannot say. All that I know is that it exists.” – Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922


How does Like attract Like in your house? Drop me a comment if you have time—Odd loves company.



14 thoughts on “Like Attracts Like-Camp-Run-A-Pup

  1. OMG–this is amazing! The pups are adorable and the phenomena is startling.

    Time for me to return to the practice of watching what likes I am attracting into my life.


  2. Again I am shocked that you can get all these dogs to stay in place for a photo shoot. You have the best camp in Illinois probably even the whole U.S.A. I am proud to say my dogs went to Camp Run A Pup. Maybe you should get bumper stickers made. lol

  3. I notice these moments more and more –sometimes despite the fact my day is going down the tubes I change my thinking and put a more positive spin on my day. How you think about things is so important. I know you and Joe spent a lot of time living the subject- it can be a touchy though and I appreciate the need to ease into it.
    How so you manage to talk these dogs into standing still?
    The likeness is amazing but the cooperation is awesome.

  4. I loved looking at your dog pics. I remember most of them but havent noticed how odd that they belong to so many different families and out of the many dog breeds it is odd that they show up on the same day. Maybe it is the old saying “Birds (aka. dogs) of a feather flock to gether. Post some more again soon.

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