Stanley Cup Day. Is Hockey your stick?


Stanley Cup Day was honored on El Morno today and  a Canadian friend shared on Facebook that when her son asked his dad about the great battles of history- her husband immediately described the battles of Alberto and Ontario hockey teams.  Hockey fans at their finest.

Growing up in Texas, I wasn’t introduced to the game of hockey until I moved to St. Louis in the 80s and worked for a television station (St. Louis Blues) that aired the Chicago Blackhawks.  I was responsible for selling hockey sponsorships to advertisers.  I never told my potential clients this, but I knew a secret: televised hockey is boring. I mean, really, a puck is about the size of a baseball, but it’s flat and being pushed all over the ice; it’s hard enough to keep up when you are watching from the ring side, but on television, forget it! It’s impossible to follow where the action is going.

As part of my job, I took potential clients to hockey games and often grew weary of playing follow the puck. However, I enjoyed joining the screaming fans when teams’ members began to throw punches. In a world of “use your words,” it’s rather enjoyable to watch two grown men throw punches at one another while screaming fans cheer them on.

Though I am proud of our Chicago Blackhawks, I just never warmed up to the game of hockey. I like sporting events that allow me to take off my coat, mittens, and hat while I munch on my peanuts, cotton candy, hot dogs, nachos, and Cracker Jacks and drink my Coke. I mean, really, aren’t sporting events all about the food?

What about you, do you love hockey, or does it leave you cold? Drop me a comment if you have the time and if you don’t there is always tomorrow!


This is hockey moment we can all be fans of…

3 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Day. Is Hockey your stick?

  1. I don’t get Hockey, maybe because of my bad first experience with it. When I first move to America a friend took me to watch a game and (of course) there’s a fight and it got too violent for me and that’s it for me & Hockey. Maybe I should give it another try…

  2. I loved hockey as a kid. Had season tickets as a student at MSU. But then? I moved south. Hockey? Not so big here. I sure to miss the sounds of the blades scraping the ice, the chill in the arena, marveling at the Zamboni turing the ice crystal clear.

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