Odd Dog Toy?

Sullivan’s mom is a Camp-Run-A-Pup friend with a sense of humor; we like that about her!

You remember Sullivan, right? This is Sullivan playing outside at camp.

Sullivan also enjoyed playing inside with a camp dog toy called  Lil’ Hot Diggity Dog.  When he checked-out of camp  Diggity went home with him.



The dog walker came to take Sullivan for his walk; when he saw Diggity laying on the floor he asked, Sullivan’s Mom—What the heck IS THAT?

Diggity, it seems  looks a little different when viewed from behind.

Diggity is that you?


How would you explain “Diggity” to the Dog walker??





21 thoughts on “Odd Dog Toy?

  1. I would just look at the dog walker, act surprised and say, its a dog toy–what did you think it was?

    So funny. 😀


  2. First snorting, then cops, and now dog toys that look like dildos. I am never bored on Odd. Never. 😯


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