Pigs! We salute you with our Snorts!

Today is Pig Day: (Snort!) I have an amazing snort. In fact, I come from a long line of fine snorters. We have often been admired at one time or another for our exsnortinary snorting ability.

Recently a dear friend and I were discussing snorting when she modestly mentioned she was a snortsationalist. I asked her to share her snort with My Odd Family, and she agreed—after I assured her that she would not be hogging the spotlight on Pig Day.

So without further delay, allow me to introduce one of the finest musical snorters in the world snorting Mary Had a Little Pig. The snorter would like to thank her son for his technical assistance.

Next please welcome a snorter that has competed and won snorting competitions around the world.

A snort by a young and talented up and coming snorter. Trust me Odd readers, you will say you saw him first right here on Odd.

And finally I will share my amazing snort with you. My snort is often requested but only shared with a remarkable few…like you.

17 thoughts on “Pigs! We salute you with our Snorts!

  1. I had no idea there was a day dedicated to pigs and that you would celebrate it by snorting. But hey I can snort with the best of them so SNORT SNOOOORt snort.

    Your friend does a remarkable Mary Had a little lamb. I suggest you take a few more lessons and keep practicing. 😀

  2. This is hilarious. People actually snorted on camera for you. You snorted! I agree you do snort very well and so do all your friends.

    Happy Pig Day. I guess the way not to celebrate is to eat pork. 👿

  3. Snorting? I can snort. Snort, snort Snort, Snort, Snort, snort. snort, tronS, and snoRt.
    Happy Pig Day. I think the snorters you featured on Odd were totally Odd and wonderful.

  4. Rascal is such a good snort! Love the snorting tribute for Pig Day…fine snorters one and all. Here’s to the pigs…SNORRRT! Diane

  5. Alas, I have no video, but I promise you that my cocker spaniel is not called Miss Piggy for nuthin’! You would be certain you were listening at a wild pig hunting truffles. I think her snorts are especially effective because she can do them so rapidly–it’s like she doesn’t have to take a breath because she is powered solely by the number of crumbs on the floor.

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