12 thoughts on “Rascal Circus Costume

  1. That is not a real dog–its a stuffed dog, you can not full me! It’s much to perfect–a real dog would have ripped that tutu to shreds.


  2. I hate to repeat myself but you should put these on note cards and sell them. Adorable! Nothing makes me laugh like a pup in costume. Why I do not know?

  3. Oh my. Rascal is adorable and I agree, the photographer is amazing. I love your photos. Watch out Hollywood, their’s a new pup in town!

  4. What a precious pup you have…That face is sooo kissable. I agree with Nancy.. You should get someone to print up cards with your Photogenic pup/pups. I certainly would buy them. Love doggie cards and that Rascal has stolen my heart…. Don’t tell Miss Millie though. 😉

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