Rascal’s Pink Pig-STOLEN



Rascal has put out a SPA–STOLEN PIG ALERT!! Last seen at Camp Run-A-Pup. The Pig is Pink! Please review this video below for potential clues.  Rascal believes this was an in-yard  job.



Please, if you have seen Rascal pink pig–leave her a comment!


6 thoughts on “Rascal’s Pink Pig-STOLEN

  1. Looks like there was a couple of thieves in on this caper. Not good atoll. 👿 Tell Rascal that the little piggy is probley long gone now but it was behind the BQ grill. I hope she finds it. If not she will not be so trusting next time she has visitors. 😉

  2. That was hilarious. A guy can’t turn his back for one second without someone coming along and swiping his pink pig. What a world we live in…poor, Rascal!

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