Wanted:Mandi Bad Dog Jones!

Rascal Viewed the Pig Rustling Video and posted this MOST WANTED SIGN.


Sheriff  Hound was called in to investigate and gather a posse!


If you have any information about MANDI BAD DOG JONES- please leave a comment on Odd. Pig Rustlers are often armed, dangerous and lovers of bacon.







7 thoughts on “Wanted:Mandi Bad Dog Jones!

  1. Ok please–that cutie pie can not possible me wanted for pig wrestling…..i bet the Basset the Hound is setting Bad Dog Mandi up!! Although Basset the Hound is pretty darn cute….tough one.

  2. I reviewed the video and I believe Rascal he has identified the correct culprit, but oh, how adorable the thief is. Hope Rascal goes easy on him when he’s brought to justice.

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