April 9, 2011: Name Yourself Day

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April 9, 2011

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Why, can you imagine what would happen if we named all the twos Henry or George or Robert or John or lots of other things?  You’d have to say Robert plus John equals four, and if the four’s name were Albert, things would be hopeless.  ~Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

★~Today is Name Yourself Day: You don’t have to dislike your name to try on a new one. In fact, most of us like our names  just fine or at the very least have become use to them. The purpose behind “Name Yourself Day” is to allow you to step out into the world as someone else and perhaps see the world a little differently. A Rose by any other name is still a Rose” but Rose might try something new or different if she called herself Liz.

★~ This Day In History:

♥~1953-Warner Brothers, the first of the major Hollywood studios to introduce 3-D motion pictures, chose this day to premiere “The House of Wax” at the Paramount Theatre in New York City. The stage show preceding the movie was headed by singer Eddie Fisher. The film’s stars, Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk and Frank Lovejoy attended the premiere. 23 3-D films were released in 1953, The House of Wax being the first.

♥~1956 – Grace Kelly graced the cover of LIFE magazine. The caption read, “Education of a princess; for a movie and for real.”

♥~1963 -Winston Churchill became the second person to become an Honorary Citizen of the United States

♥~1965TIME magazine featured a cover with the entire Peanuts gang on this day. It was a good day for Charlie Brown.

♥~1969-The album “Nashville Skyline” by Bob Dylan was released.

♥~1977 – The Swedish pop group Abba made its debut at number one on the American pop charts, as Dancing Queen became the most popular record in the U.S.

★~Born Today:

♥~1926 – Hugh Hefner publisher: Playboy magazine

♥~1939Michael Learned Emmy Award-winning actress: The Waltons [1972-73, 1973-74, 1975-76; Nurse [1981-82]; Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, All My Sons, Deadly Business, A Christmas Without Snow

♥~1954Dennis Quaid actor: Dragonheart, Wyatt Earp, Postcards from the Edge, Everybody’s All-American, The Right Stuff, Jaws 3, The Long Riders, Breaking Away, September 30, 1955, Switchback, Frequency, Traffic; songwriter, actor: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Tough Enough, The Big Easy; brother of actor Randy Quaid

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~ According to Baby Names 2010 Sophia knocked Isabella off her throne this year and elbowed her into the number 2 position. Aiden, meanwhile, rules the boys’ list for the sixth year in a row. New to the top 10 are Abigail, and Liam.

♥~ Elton John’s real name is Reginald Dwight. Elton comes from Elton Dean, a Bluesology sax player. John comes from Long John Baldry, founder of Blues Inc. They were the first electric white blues band ever seen in England- -1961.

♥~ The letters KGB stand for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti.

♥~ABBA got their name by taking the first letter from each of their first names (Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Anni- frid.)

♥~Bingo is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box.

♥~The name “cappuccino” was given to the drink, because the froth peaks resembled the hoods of Capuchin Monks.

♥~“Jaws” is the most common name for a goldfish (I may have made that up)

♥~ John Doe is used as a place card in legal actions.The name Joe Bloggs is used in the U.K

♥~ The most popular dog names at Camp-Run-A-Pup are Max, Buddy, Tucker, Abby, Chloe, Bella

★~ Today’s Silly:

A senior citizen visits his doctor for a routine check-up and everything seems fine. The doctor asks him about his sex life.

“Well …” the man drawled, “not bad at all to be honest. The wife ain’t all that interested anymore, so I just cruise around. In the past week I was able to pick-up and bed at least three girls, none of whom were over thirty years old.”

“My goodness Frank, and at your age too.” the doctor said. “I hope you took at least some precautions.”

“Yep. I may be old, but I ain’t senile yet doc. I gave them all a phony name.”

What will you call yourself today? Do tell! Have a great day, thanks for dropping by El Morno. Drop me a comment if you have the time and inclination. Odd Loves Company!

4 thoughts on “April 9, 2011: Name Yourself Day

  1. I like my name and most days it suits me 😀 but I also really like the name Wilder. I met a gal named Wilder not to long ago and I thought…now that is a cool name.

    My dog is named Abby :-D. At the dog park there are lots of Come Abby’s.

    Loved the Grace Kelly cover!!

    Have a wonderful Saturday.

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