The Early Bird and I are Friends

The early bird and I are friends. I enjoy the mornings and usually wake up in a good mood ready to start my day; but ever since Joe died and left me with all the morning responsibilities, including walking out the door by 7:10 a.m. to drive Cole to school, our mornings often run amuck.

Most week days my mornings follow this routine:

  • Wake up at about 5:30 a.m.
  • Brush my teeth and run a comb through my hair.
  • Post El Morno on Facebook and Odd.
  • Meet, greet and check in several early bird campers.
  • Let my campers and my three pups outside.
  • Cheerfully wake up my sleepy teen. Poke him a few times until I hear a reassuring groan.
  • Feed everyone.
  • Make Cole’s lunch.
  • Take a few minutes to visit with my fascinating and funny Facebook friends. Oops, now we’re running late, and Cole is yelling at me for being on Facebook.
  • Yell back, grab Rascal for the ride and head to the car.
  • Cole almost always lags behind to put on his shoes.

This is pretty much how most days start at my house, and this past Wednesday was no exception. I hopped in my car and off we went.  Cole and I usually don’t talk for the first 15 minutes of the ride—we just catch our breath and collect our thoughts in silence.

About a mile into Wednesday morning’s trip, Rascal jumped into the front seat. I reached over and patted her, and then I looked over and realized . . .

I had driven off without Cole!

I grab my phone to let Cole know I am coming back for him. When I arrived, he was patiently standing in front of the garage door. He slowly walked over to the car, opened the door, buckled up and then asked with a bewildered look, “Mom where did you go?”

“To school, where else would I go?”  I answered.

“Without me?” he asks.

“Sort of,” I mumble

“You forgot me?” he asks, staring at me

“Hey, at least I never left you on top of the car in your car seat and drove off when you were a baby,”  I say, in a feeble attempt to defend myself.

“Well, Dad was alive back then,” he answered back smugly.

The kid was right, but then divine Joe intervention gave me my reply.

“Well damn it, if you’d had your shoes on and had been in the car before me, I would never have left you. Do you have your lunch? We are late.”

Cole looked at me and grinned.

Naturally Cole told his teacher and friends . . . and I shared my morning on Facebook—feeling an obligation to let other moms who forget their children on the way to school know they are not alone.

At around 2:30 p.m. this message appears on my Facebook profile page:

Facebook Friend
Don’t forget to pick up Cole . . .
Wednesday at 2:28 p.m. . . . Like . . . See Friendship

It always amazes me how some people just don’t understand the value of Facebook.

So tell me how often do you forget your kids at home? Odd loves company.



16 thoughts on “The Early Bird and I are Friends

  1. This is so funny. I have forgotten or been late to pick my kids up but I have never forgotten them at home. Sometimes I wish I would, though.

    Thanks for sharing…I will be laughing all day.

  2. Great story and one that I’m sure Cole will share during his 21st b’day speeches. (it’s good to start a collection of them now)
    Btw, I’ve never left my children at home, but once my dad who was 85 at the time, travelled by bus all the way to my school to wait for me. He was coming to spend the weekend at my house and as I was still teaching , I told him to wait in the school library. Well school finishes, I get in my car and 20 minutes into the drive I realise that I’ve left my dad in the library. I had to go back and pick him up again…..very sheepishly, might I add.

    • You left your 85 year old father at the library??!! I think that is much worse and he may have been hungry!! Gershwin! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by Odd and brightening my day.

  3. Well I am a helicopter mom therefore I’ve never left my children anywhere I didn’t want them to be but I do day dream and leave groceries or miss my exit on the expressway. If you ask my children they probably wish I would have left them somewhere but it never happened.

    • Funny–I have done a lot of screwy things but I have never left Cole any place or forgotten him and have only been late once or twice–so leaving without him was twice as funny for me since I left him at home. I will he gets older he has to work harder to keep my attention….I think he is catching on 🙂

      • You have so much going on more than two or even three adults. It was a very funny story and I think you are so special to share. Made us all laugh!

  4. You mentioned 3 dogs. I dont remember any of them but Rascal. Can you reintroduce the other 2 and post a pic? I have heard you mention the others but dont know if I have ever seen them. Oh I hope you havent left scars on Cole. Maybe the bond of trust has not been completely severed. 😮 😀

    • Skippy- a schipperke and and Scooby-a beagle both are a part of my pack. They have much different personalities and needs than Rascal much more content at home than going anywhere in the car.
      I save for therapy not college so if Cole is scared he can work it before he becomes a bum on skidrow. 😀

      • I saved for therapy to but for me. I think my kids have left scars on thanks for introducing your other dogs. Rascal must be the one who has been around the longest cause she is such a big part of your lives.

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