Musing-Road Warriors Hit the Road

Finally, a quiet moment to muse… Lets enjoy a cuppa and some almond butter crunch.

My mom and our friend Norma turned back into road warriors and rode off into the Chicago Sunrise. They are on their way to a dog show in Oklahoma. First stop: Reuters — a Chicago Bakery not far from my house. I mean, why travel anywhere without quality baked goods and fresh coffee in your to-go cup?

One Honda Odyssey, packed with my mother and Norma, a Doberman, Border Collie, crates, leashes, collars, dog food, grooming dryers, scent articles (used in the show ring), maps, books, snacks, coolers, books on tape, suitcases (they will have traveled for a month before they return to Albuquerque) and a wardrobe bar that hangs across the back of the van that holds freshly ironed clothes. God Forbid, either of them should ever arrive any place wrinkled.

Someone asked me if I worried about their safety–after all, they both have been card-carrying AARP members for a while. I cannot even imagine a bad guy approaching them or their car, but if one did, my mom would shoot him. Don’t mess with the Road Warriors and nobody will get hurt. So–no, I don’t worry about my Mom and Norma…..

Have a some almond butter crunch, while I muse about our visit.

While Cole and I were in Ireland, my mom and Norma took care of my pups. They also managed to take care of a few things around my house while we were gone.

First, they hung privacy wallpaper on the front window. I have already shared about my problems with my front window…but if you missed the post–click here. In any case, my mom told me that after the wallpaper was in place–my dogs raced to the window to engage in their normal outrageous and deafening barking routine as a passerby strolled by and “WHOA!” They thought they had gone blind. Do you know how nice it was to come home and not be driven from my living room by barking dogs?

This mirror was on Joe’s list to repair and hang. Because of his habit of procrastination and his untimely death, it remained unhung until my mother and Norma visited. My mother is a little shorter than I am, so I can only see myself from the neck down, but the fact that it is hung exactly where I want it and it looks fabulous is all that matters!

My impatiens were planted along the fence. Don’t they look pretty! When I left, they were on the patio table, looking a little forlorn.

And my big freezer was defrosted. You don’t need a picture, do you? Fine–here’s a picture of the freezer.

My pups barely noticed we were gone and the greeting on our return was less than spectacular. So much for legendary loyalty….

After we returned from Ireland, my Mom and Norma could stay another week…so…I showed my mom the dining room hutch I had found at a garage sale. I don’t normally garage sale these days, but I saw this piece and screeched to a halt–I knew it had such potential. I bought it for $15.00 and Cole and I lugged it home. Mom looked at the want-to-be hutch and she looked at me…I did not ask her to clean it, sand it, or paint it…I mean, it could just sit in my garage–unfinished. Someday, who knows…I might learn to paint, sand, and trim. Did I know that “someday” is not a part of my mom’s vocabulary? Maybe.


What else did the road warriors do in Chicago? They ate at several of Chicago’s best restaurants, had fun with Norma’s granddaughter, attended the Chicago Gay parade,


and had a gourmet dinner with  Susan and Richard (sister-in-law/brother- in-law) that included pink cocktails on Pink Day!

Introduced their pups to Lake Michigan

and our backyard trampoline

Did I cry when they left?

Of course, but then I remembered a Dr Seuss quote that I have always loved–”Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened” and I went to see if they had forgotten any treasures!


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20 thoughts on “Musing-Road Warriors Hit the Road

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  2. I LOVE that mirror AND your hutch! It turned out beautiful. What a great summary of your week. So glad to always be a part of it on your daily el morno! xo

    • “Two moms” married to “Two Dads” for a very long time that hold down the fort while they travel.
      Thanks! I thought the Hutch turned out really well and it fits my needs perfectly.

  3. Oh, and by the way, your mom and Norma may be in AARP but I have no doubt that if need be, they could still kick some major a$$ !

  4. Katybeth, your mom and Norma got soooo much done while you and Cole were in Ireland. I have LOTS of things around here that I’ve been meaning to tend to but haven’t had time. Do you think you’d be willing to send them my way?! Their dogs could play with my Sheltie, if that’s an incentive!

    • I am sure they would have loved to have dropped by but had to high tail it Oklahoma for a 5 day dog show. Darn. They are missing me though…Oklahoma is very, very hot and dry!

  5. The hutch exceeded my expectations, beautiful. Your Mom is an ironer, eh? I knew we were kindred spirits. Another well done musing, KB. BRAVO.

  6. Oh my gosh, your mom is awesome!!! Btw, I feel the same way each time my mom came visiting. Thanks heaven for Mom!!! The window look great, the mirror looks great and that hutch!! WOW!! I read few post you wrote on your Mom, and no I wouldn’t be worry too! 🙂 Btw, any change she’ll pass Denver on the way back? hehehe.. 🙂

    • Thanks Sendi…I will send them your way…it won’t be to hard showing a house when potential buyers are met by a Doberman with a Border Collie for a side kick–will it?? 😀

  7. Wow, what a fabulous pair of ladies are your mom and Norma!! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to leave things behind in the most capable of hands, and even nicer knowing that friends and family are there to give you a helping hand. The hutch looks gorgeous, painting it purple was a great idea. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. xx

    • Thanks Antoinette! I was thrilled and it has inspired to make a few more repairs and do a few more things on my list. It was wonderful to leave with such peace of mind!

  8. What do I have to do to get them to come visit me? I have a long list of to-do’s and I feel certain that there must be some dog shows in the Central Florida area.

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