Musing: Hot Weather and Ice Cream Day!

“It is soooo hot that even a breeze from a fart would feel refreshing!”

I am sorry mom, but would you have rather I said,

“It’s so hot out there the squirrels are handling their nuts with pot holders?”

Well!!! It’s true and even if it is caviar day I am not feeling very refined or couth. The heat index is over 100 which is beyond the beyond for Chicago.

Enough about the heat. Sit a spell and muse with me while we drink refreshing root beer floats!

We celebrated Ice Cream Day yesterday; day twelve of our “food of the day” year long goal.

Adorable Lucy was our ice cream day model. Lucy is the youngest of five and belongs to my “Food of the Day” partner Emily;and no,you cannot trade Emily a quart of ice cream for Lucy – even though she is the youngest of 5. Her mom is attached to her. You can try, though. If it is one of “those days,” you might get lucky.

Odd friend, Nancy, drove 100 miles, uphill both ways in the heat, to buy and celebrate ice cream! Yay, Nancy!

My dear friend, Hal, sung, “People, people, eating ice cream are the luckiest people in the world.” He didn’t sing it especially well, but he did sing it with lots of enthusiasm.  Many years ago, Hal introduced me to Häagen-Dazs ice cream.  I lied when I told him I could tell the difference between my Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream cone and a Baskin and Robbins strawberry ice cream cone. I’m just not an ice cream connoisseur.

Cole decided to make homemade decadent chocolate ice cream today.  I agreed to take him to the grocery store to buy the ingredients, pointing out that our neighborhood grocery store might not have the vanilla beans or Dutch processed cocoa needed for the recipe.

First we stopped at Susan and Richard’s  pond so that Cole could water the plants and I could visit with the fish. The fish surrounded me, sat back on their fins, and gurgled, “Feed us!” while staring, beady –eyed, at Rascal, who was sitting firmly in my lap.

Richard, I know the pond expert said to feed them less, but “Old Koi” looked hungry enough to eat a finger, so do be careful.  After all, those are your cooking fingers.

After our trip to the pond, I took Cole to the store. I had to stay in the car while Cole shopped because Rascal was with us and it was too hot to leave her in the car without AC. Cole’s list: A bag of lemons, 3 cartons of little Cokes, heavy cream, vanilla beans, processed Dutch chocolate, and some bittersweet chocolate. I sent him on his way and beseeched him to go like the wind. Forty-two minutes later, I was pretty sure the wind beneath his wings was merely a breeze on a humid day.   A few of you may wonder if I called Cole after 25 minutes or so.  I didn’t, because in my heart, I knew he was searching for those vanilla beans. Some things you just have to find out on your own.

We came home and Cole’s made his ice cream.

I did not help. I practiced benign neglect and took a nap! I think Cole just used a little more vanilla to make up for the missing beans.

But when I woke up from my nap; I had some of Cole’s chocolate decadent ice cream!!

and I sung with enthusiasm…

“People, people eating Cole’s ice cream
are the luckiest people in the world.”

See you back here later for some musing about caviar, the Monday food of the day!

Musing is more fun if you muse along, so leave a comment if want to. Odd Loves Company!


* Thank you: Carol and Mary for the “so hot” quotes,  and Nancy for gifting me the saying “beyond the beyond” and the picture of your sundae.


8 thoughts on “Musing: Hot Weather and Ice Cream Day!

  1. With or without the vanilla beans? The ice cream looks wonderful.

    And of-koi those Koi are beautiful! 😀

  2. What a fun story. The ice cream looks wonderful. The Ice cream model is adorable!
    I would watch those Koi they look big enough to nibble more than a finger! The are hugh and beautiful.

    Good luck with the Caviar.

    • Thanks Carrie. We are not dipping our toes in the pond-that is for sure! They are big and really entertaining. I am thinking about teaching them to do drinks…maybe a back flip or two… 😀

      Lucy is adorable and so are her sibs!

  3. Wow Richard and Susan’s pond is beautiful! Aren’t the fish amazing! I have a small waterfall iin the back yard and several fish. I htought my fish were very good size until I saw their fish! Pond surely did turn out beautifully.
    Cole’s ice cream looked delicious. Hey, did we throw out Frieda? I can’t find her.

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