Musing: Our Odd Food of the Day Goal!

Let’s muse over lemonade and sugar cookies…

Yesterday was Chocolate-covered Almond Day—and I realized at 10:00 p.m. that I had not eaten a chocolate-covered almond. Not one. So Cole and I headed over to the grocery store to buy some.

Cole only went with me because he was “totally in the mood for a Mocha Frap” from Starbucks. I know you are thinking, “What kind of mom agrees to stop at Starbucks for Fraps at 10:00 p.m.?”

Or you are thinking that if we drink coffee-laden Fraps that late, we will never sleep again.

Or maybe you are thinking, “Who goes to the store at 10:00 p.m. for chocolate-covered almonds?”

I have decided to set a “food of the day” goal for the next 12 months. This means we will eat the food of the day listed on Odd’s El Morno every day until July 6th, 2012. We are already off to a good start: We had fried chicken on Wednesday, strawberry sundaes on Thursday and chocolate-covered almonds on Friday.

Since I am the blogger that does not cook, I will not commit to making the food of the day—only eating it. However, I am also the blogger whose kid loves to cook and eats everything, so when I told Cole about my plan he thought it was a great idea and agreed to make the “food of the day” whenever possible. (Sugar cookies are on his list today.) Cole also figures it will be another great “my mom was so odd” story to tell when he grows up and perhaps has kids of his own.

If you want to join us by having the “food of the day” once in a while, that would be such fun—kind of like having a virtual meal, cocktail or snack together! I can’t promise you advance notice of the “food of the day” (still working on my disclaimer), but if you send me a picture of yourself celebrating the food of the day, I will add it to my musings on Odd! And if you are a blogger that cooks and posts a recipe for the food of the day, I will link to your recipe.

So that is the reason I was making a mad dash to the grocery store for chocolate-covered almonds last night.

Now about the late-night Frap…. I believe in saying yes as often as possible and my frugal kid offered to treat.

Hope you have a great day. Leave a comment if you have the time—Odd loves company!


PS: Inside Tip: Tomorrow (July 10th) is Piña colada day!

Day!  Cheers!

19 thoughts on “Musing: Our Odd Food of the Day Goal!

  1. A little nutty but sounds like fun! Thanks for the inside tip about Piña colada day–I will be there!


  2. You certainly set interesting goals for yourself! Letting the kids make sugar cookies today, is a very good idea–thanks for the idea on El Morno.


  3. Oh come on, I was buying it all until you said Cole offered to treat!!!! Unless he used the 5 dollars he snatched out of my hand when I found it! LOL

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