Musing: Daiquiri Day, Gadgets, Crab Bisque!


This morning I made a watermelon slush. Perfect for a hot day! I saved you some to enjoy while we muse about Tuesday’s Daiquiri Day.

A few weeks ago I replaced our old, holey, burnt, and stained oven mitts with a new pair of oven mitts and Cole has been fit to be tied ever since. The new oven mitts are an ugly orange color, they are stiff, they don’t fit his hand—he was stunned and hurt that I would pitch those mitts without a backward glance. Not true. I thanked them for their years of service before I sent them to that great heavenly oven in the sky. Cole, however, was not consoled or amused.

When our ice cream scoop broke…yes, these kinds of things do just happen…to us…it looks like it can be fixed but alas it can not….

I told Cole that I would take him to Bed Bath and Bring It Back so he could pick out a new ice cream scoop and a pair of oven mitts. The thought of a new ice cream scoop was exciting…he was still mumbling about the blue oven mitts he could not believe I had so ruthlessly tossed.

Bed Bath and Bring it Back is a store I love to hate. I always buy stuff I don’t need and end up taking back something that does not work. Today I walked into the store planning to stay strong and only buy oven mitts and an ice cream scoop but my resolve melted away when I saw all the shiny gadgets beaconing to me.

Oven Mitts: Not perfect but they will do (insert sigh and shake of head)

Lemon Zester:  Nothing like the zest from a fresh lemon!

Measuring Spoons: Love that you can read the measurement.

Ice Cream Scoop: One piece. Cutting edge.

Kizmo Clip: One of the most popular blog post I ever wrote was about binder clips, and all the creative ways they could be used, which included sealing in freshness..but I loved these colorful magnetic Kizom clips.

Laptop Cooler: This is going back. It protects my lap from the heat of my lap top but it is itchy. A towel works just fine.

Robo Stirrer: I saved the best for last!

We left Bed Bath and Bring It Back and headed to Pot Bellies for sandwiches and shakes. I really like their chicken and cheddar melt. They advertise it as low calorie and then package it with a shake, chips, and a cookie. Works for me.

After last night’s crab legs, Cole decided he wanted to make Crab Bisque for dinner. Hi, ho off to the grocery store we go to shop together for Crab Bisque ingredients. Naturally, I forgot to bring the recipe but a quick search on the iPhone solved the problem.

Driving home—I added up one day’s worth of “camp mom’s” expenses in my head:

$79.00 – Bed Bath and Bring It Back
$17.00 – Potbellies
$49.00 – grocery store

And to think I only signed him up for one week of computer camp because I thought two weeks was too expensive.

Back home again, Cole made his bisque and I didn’t help—I indulged in benign neglect and took a nap, closing my eyes to the reassuring sound of RoboStir in the background.

Soon it was time to partake of the food of the day—a daiquiri. Emily (my food of the day partner) chose to celebrate with a peach daiquiri,

while I chose to celebrate with a strawberry daiquiri. It was so good…I had two.


I’m pretending I’m in Bali sipping my strawberry daiquiri while Chef Coles prepares my Crab Bisque.

when Cole asked me if I liked it…I told him it was priceless.

Today is Lollipop Day so I am heading out to buy some of the big swirly old-fashioned kind.

Our odd reader Aussie Antoinette shared that in Aussieland they call lollipops “lecca leccas.” Isn’t that a great word? I hope you will celebrate Lollipop Day with us by giving the lolly of your choice a few lecca leccas!


By the way—Odd is always happy to add your pictures of the food of the day to the comments if you send them to me or link to them. Odd loves company!

12 thoughts on “Musing: Daiquiri Day, Gadgets, Crab Bisque!

  1. I lecca your daiquiri/bisque/bring it back/swirly pop musings. Emily is a fine partner for your food/cocktail/treat of the day quest. You continue to make my days brighter!

  2. I don’t spend enough time in my kitchen anymore to need any gadgets but that stirrer is cool : p

  3. Cole and you have so much fun together. Clearly I need to practice benign neglect more often. The idea of napping while my kids cook strikes terror to my heart but if I ended up with Crab bisque for dinner I could get use to it.

    Happy Lollypop day!

  4. After reading about Lolly day on Odd I bought each of my kids a lolly pop after swimming lessons and let them lecca lecca them before dinner. They were so surprised and it was such fun. 😀

    Thank you!

  5. Me Lecca!!! Can you share with you the list of food you’re planning on trying? I will try to follow yoru food festival galore and share picture!! 🙂
    I’m going back to Indonesia next year, no need to dream of Bali, come with me next year!

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