Musings: Lollypops, Junk Food, Along The Low Road

Wednesday was Lollypop Day—or ‘Leccaa Lecca’ Day if you live in Australia. 1

Today is Junk Food Day, so I have put out a plate of nachos for us to munch on while we muse. Please help yourself.

And have a coke or beer …the perfect beverages to enjoy with nachos.

The heat wave baking Chicago keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. Jane Austen wrote this, but I’m paraphrasing and stealing it. My inelegance glows for miles.

To all those people who are constantly reminding us that heat could be worse, suggest we be grateful for air conditioning and take pity on those who are suffering worse weather conditions—I have this to say to you: May your beer be as warm as a streetwalker’s smile and your soup as icy as a duchess’ glare.”

When I travel the low road, I want company and music! Thank you Odd Friend Teresa for the musical selection!

Many years ago, there was a mom in my baby group who always traveled the parental high road. If you were ready to give your baby to the Gypsies, she would be shocked. If you hated the Gymboree teacher, she would suggest the teacher might be overwhelmed with too large a class. You know the type, right?

One morning while our tots played, this mom mentioned she wanted to sell her futon. Joe and I were in the market for a futon, so I inquired about the price. She quoted me a reasonable $125.00. I told her I would talk to Joe about it.

Joe and I discussed the futon and he thought the price was a little high; he told me to offer $100.00. Yeah right. Joe couldn’t understand why I thought this negotiation might be a little awkward. Rather than arguing about it I asked myself, “What would my mother do?” and then called and arranged to pick up the futon.

When I went to pick up the futon, I wrote a check for $100.00 and paid the $25.00 in cash.

Mrs. High Road smiled and wondered about the two types of payment. I decided to give her a chance at being a real girlfriend and explained that Joe had set a budget of $100.00 for the futon purchase but that I thought her futon was well worth the $125.00 she was asking, so I was just adding the $25.00 on the side. I then gave her a smile to convey I was sure she understood. Instead she raised herself up to her full height and said, “I know in some marriages people play those manipulative games, but my husband and I choose not to.”


I stared back and said, “Does that mean you don’t want to sell me the futon?”

She hesitated and then told me that even though she was disappointed I did not share her values, which were based on honesty, she would take my check and my cash but I could not count on her to “lie” for me if asked.

Although, I wanted to cut off her nose to spite her face, I went ahead and bought the futon and ended the relationship. Turned out the futon was lumpy and uncomfortable…I should have known.

Because of the heat and my unwillingness to leave the comfort of my air-conditioned home, Cole and I have been venturing out and starting most projects after 6 p.m. Leaving my frozen pan of watermelon slush at home, our first stop is always Starbucks.

Yesterday, our mission was to find large suckers with swirls to celebrate Lollipop Day. It took a number of stops to find the perfect lollipops, but as you know we are not quitters. After about seven different stores we located the suckers at a dollar store. The bonus was a package of Pixy Stix. I always admire packaging like this.

Cole decided while we were driving around that the only things standing between him and happiness were sliders and loaded fries. Since it was the eve of Junk Food Day, I agreed White Castle was a must-stop…and that is a very low road indeed.

Would you like a fry?

Back home Mak and Rascal helped us celebrate Lollipop day.

While Emmet, the Wow mama’s  second born, shows off his families beautiful bouquet of unicorn lollipop.


More junk food musings coming your way soon! In the meantime, musing is always more fun when you join in—Odd loves comments.


8 thoughts on “Musings: Lollypops, Junk Food, Along The Low Road

  1. What a bitch that mom was…i’m glad you let her continue down the holier-than-tho path alone. Everyone knows that both men and women do things to keep the peace from time to time. It is one the secrets to a long and happy marriage.

    Love your lolly pictures!

    Until El Morno 😀

  2. There always has to be one “poop” in the package of our mother friends, and I guess she was yours. Chalk it up to a lesson on how not to live your life, but to live it being totally female and that is being sneaky!!!<3
    I do it ALL the time. It is a tee hee moment that you can put on over on Mr.Know-it-all!

  3. You are a saint! There is no way in hell that futon would have entered my home, after her self righteous lecture. You should have said you are correct here is a hundred take it or leave it! No way would I want that negetive energy in my home. Negotiating is half the fun of buying used. My mom always said keep your husband blind in one eye and deaf in one ear and you will have a long and happy marriage.

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