Musing about Raspberry Cake, Pie and Friends


Have a piece of raspberry cake. If I do say so myself, it’s very tasty. It seems to pair well with coffee, so I made a pot for us to drink while we muse…decaf if you like. I know it’s late. I also have ice tea!  Remember if you want to enlarge any of the pictures in this post..or any post just click on them. Works like magic!

Sunday (July 31st) and Monday (August 1st) were both dedicated to the raspberry. Sunday was Raspberry Cake Day, and Monday was Raspberry Cream Pie Day. August is the month of the raspberry, and it’s possible by month end that I will be celebrating this fruit with a different kind of “raspberry,” but for the time being, I’m enjoying the lush flavor of the raspberry to its fullest.

Sunday was our good friend David’s birthday. Cole went off to celebrate with David’s family, but I had to stay home because I needed to make the food-for-the-day, a raspberry cake. That’s not true. I really stayed home because it was a tail-wagging afternoon at camp, and I needed to be home to check campers in and out of camp. I did, however, make a raspberry cake and was delighted when David and his son brought Cole home and came in to partake in a piece.

Cole took several bites and said, “Mom, this is really good. I think you remembered to put in all the ingredients.”

Don’t you just hate kids sometimes?

Emily my food -for -the- day-for- a -year partner made this classic raspberry cake and it looks divine.  Emily do you have Fiesta ware dishes too???

David and Joe had been best buddies since grade school, and Joe often bought Dave a rock-and-roll t-shirt for his birthday. Cole insisted we run over to the Rolling Stones record store so he could pick Dave up a t-shirt before he went to his birthday dinner. Cole picked out two perfect Doors shirts for Dave and surprised me by offering to pay for one of them. My son is very frugal with his money. As we were driving home, Cole looked at the shirts, pleased with his purchases and said, “Dave misses dad too. I think that he will really like these shirts.”

I love my kid.

Cole started computer day camp on Monday and, thank you God, seems to be enjoying it. It’s just a one-week camp, but is located 28 miles one way from where we live–that does not compute. Why would I drive 56 miles in Chicago traffic to drive my kid to camp every day for a week? Because it’s just a week. I have to drive 3 hours a day to take him to school during the school year, and that is a lot harder. Rain, snow, sleet, fridgid temps, pitch-dark mornings…a 56-mile daily drive for one week pales in comparison. I find it helpful in life to always be able to compare one bad experience or inconvenience against a worse experience or a gross inconvenience. It keeps my life in perspective.

We stopped at the store on the way home to pick up the ingredients for a raspberry cream pie. I whipped up the pie when we got home, and when I finally put it in the freezer to set, I calculated it would be ready at about 11:45 pm. I was right. Our late night dessert was very tasty, and Raspberry Cream Pie Day was celebrated before the stroke of midnight, so our celebration did not overlap with Ice Cream Sandwich Day. I’m just a little obsessed about our food-for-a-day-for-a-year goal…but just a little.

I love how Emily and I are celebrating the same foods but with different recipes. FUN. I think her Raspberry pie has BLING.

Thank goodness that today is Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Buy, unwrap, eat. That really works for me. I will look forward to musing with you about ice cream sammies on Wednesday!

Odd Loves Company and was wondering what is your most favorite, I could not live without, I would grab it first if the house was on fire, I want to be buried with it cooking tool, appliance, or gadget?

5 thoughts on “Musing about Raspberry Cake, Pie and Friends

  1. Years ago when I still stayed up late and drank martini’s a boyfriend gave me a lemon peeler that I can swirl the peels with for my birthday. It was the perfect gift even if he was not the perfect guy. I still use it to garnish things occasionally but mostly I just like having it around to remind me about the wild and crazy person I use to be…and sometimes still can be–funny my next favorite gadget is the little blender, I use to mix and mash baby food with 😀

  2. I have a plastic spatula that would run I would run through flames to rescue. I’m not even sure when or where I acquired this spatula but it has been with me at least 30 years. Its the perfect size for a lot of tasks and I like it’s blueish color. I really should insist that it be buried with me.
    Love the raspberry cakes and pies. They all look so yummy I’m inspired!

  3. Stopped here before I headed over to El Morno and and now I am starved. What great looking food!

    See you on El Morno 😀

  4. I’m fasting now and I try not to read your blog until sunset after I break my fast – but who am I kidding how can I resist reading El Morno and your fun musing post. But now I’m salvating over the food… sigh… I’m thinking of stopping by a buffet tonight.

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