Musing: Ice Cream Cone Day!

Emily's Will-Licks Ice-Cream!

September 22: Ice Cream Cone Day
Food of the Day:  One Year Goal
Day: 78

After reading my last blog post about the dreaded punch I suggested to dear cousin Kb that perhaps I was not the person who should be musing about white chocolate or beer since I wasn’t a fan of those things either and I didn’t want to be known as the bitter old hag who slips in a nasty post every now and again.  I want to be the positive, fun cousin who helps out with witty, upbeat musing about things I love.  Which is how I snagged this plumb assignment about the beloved ice cream cone.

When my daughter fell off her bike and scraped her knee the only cure was an ice cream cone.  When she was elected class president in fifth grade we celebrated with an ice cream cone.  When she broke up with her first boy friend we commiserated with an ice cream cone.  Ice cream is a treat in all of its various forms; in a waffle dish, in a milk shake, on pie or dear Kb’s favorite in a rootbeer float.  However, there is something about an ice cream cone that brings the world together.  In a perfect world that ice cream cone comes from Dairy Queen but Baskin Robbins is good too.  Although you can buy the ice cream at the shop and bring it home to make your own cones it is not the same.  The trip to the ice cream parlor is part of the fun.  I used to drive almost an hour each way to get a Haagen Dasz strawberry cone and it was worth every minute.  Maybe it is something about the paper hat that makes it taste better.

I prefer the sugar cone to the wafer style cone.  The wafer cone has that strange infrastructure with the crossbars built into the bottom of the cone that sometimes get jammed in between your teeth as you attempt to bite the bottom of the cone.  The sugar cone is perfect, especially if you want to be annoying to your friend by asking for a taste of their ice cream and then biting off the perfect pointy tip at the bottom of their cone.  Now if they don’t eat quickly their ice cream will melt, run down the inside of the cone and right down their hand and arm, which I think is pretty darn funny (although as far as you know I have never actually done this to anyone).

Another great ice cream cone concoction is the drumstick.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  A delicious sugar cone coated on the inside with chocolate, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, covered in peanuts and dipped in chocolate.

They are DELICIOUS and about 400 calories.  I recently found little mini drumsticks made by BlueBell that are the exact same thing but sized for a cabbage patch kid and only 100 calories.

I believe these delightful little nuggets were sent to me directly from God because at some time in the last 50 years I did something wonderful.  I can not get enough of them.


Who knew Cousin Carla liked ice cream cones this much! Now I feel guilty that we took her to Haagan Dazs when she visited and I insisted we have chocolate sundaes because it was Chocolate Sundae Day. However, if remember correctly, the next day was Coffee Milkshake Day, and I relented and let her have a strawberry ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins . . . because I’m nice that way.

Sugar cone? Waffle cone? If you order your ice cream in a dish, please skip the question . . . I don’t want to know. Flavor? Do you have different favorite flavors depending on the time of year? Muse with us! Odd Loves Company.



8 thoughts on “Musing: Ice Cream Cone Day!

  1. Such a cute picture. Peppermint ice cream cone around Christmas, Strawberry in the summer, and Rocky road any time. Sugar Cones are the best!

    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday to enjoy!

  2. Absolutely a sugar cone. Baskin Robbins used to come out with an ice cream in the summer called Peaches N Cream. It was simply wonderful, you could taste all the tiny pieces of peach in it. Then they simply stopped making it. I have no idea why. A peaches N Cream sugar cone in the summer was a wonderful treat.

  3. A bad day can be turned around with a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream in a sugar cone. Ice cream cones are such a simple, wonderful, pleasure that they can’t help but make you feel better.

  4. I love Butter Pecan ice cream in a waffle cone. But, I also like Strawberry, so it is decisions, decisions, when I have to chose. I have been known to have butter pecan one time and then Strawberry the next. That way I don’t play favorites, see? 😀

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