Musing: National Beer Day and Facebook Parties

September 28: National Drink a Beer Day
Goal: Food of the Day for a Year
Day: 84

Emily bought seven different Midwest microbrews from one local Marion Street Cheese Market, and then she called a Facebook party to celebrate National Drink a Beer Day.

Do you have virtual Facebook parties? Or is this unique to my fabulous Facebook friends? Let’s muse . . .

It all started one night around 2:00 a.m., when a number of us found ourselves sleepless on Facebook. Someone suggested snacks, and then someone else suggested music, and before long we were visiting and snacking together. It was an impromptu virtual pajama party.

The wedding of Prince William to Kate brought us all together for the morning, as we commented on every moment of the ceremony. We dined on scones, sipped our cuppas, and toasted the bride and groom’s kiss with champagne.

When Beer Day rolled around, @Emily posted: Today is National Beer Day. Let’s celebrate! Cheers!

At that point, the word began to spread that @Emily was having have a party.

@Hawk immediately replied: “Give me a few more minutes to put my things down . . . .”

@Kevin showed up with a hearty cheers and his Sam Adams.

@Melissa offered to share her tank in the fridge with Hawk.

@Teresa came racing in with an “Oh alright. If you insist.”

We all insisted.

@Teresa poured herself a Heineken Lite.

I suggested a toast to dragons. It was, after all, Michaelmas Day.

@Teresa wrote, with a sly smile, “The fun thing about virtual toasting is I can drink my Pinot and none of you beer-drinking guzzlers will be the wiser.”

Which left us all ROTF.

From that point on, we tagged all our Facebook friends to join the fun — @Isabel, @Jennifer, @Nancy, @Damian, @Kate, @Candice, @Cynthia, — and they came with their beers and their wine, and asked, “Where are the snacks?”

So we posted snacks and everyone was happy.

@ Emily: “Now we are talking. Cheese, my favorite food.”

@Teresa: Perfect! Got any of those little wasabi nut mixes? Goes better with my “cough* beer.”

@Nancy: “I love those!”

The party was in full swing when @Candice made a comment about the television show Cheers. Good friends gathered together . . . so we had to post the Cheers theme song and reminisce about the episodes of Cheers that we loved. . .

It got late much too soon, and as usually I found myself hanging out with @Teresa on @Emily’s virtual sofa, solving the problems of the world. We decided to clean up (delete) the mess and tiptoe out the door back to our own virtual worlds.

After a long day of making your way in the world, giving it everything you’ve got, it’s nice to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came!

Celebrating Drink a Beer Day together on Facebook was fun!

Have you ever hosted a Facebook party or used Facebook in an Odd way? Odd is dying to know. Odd Loves Company!



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  1. I have never been to a virtual Facebook party but it sounds like fun. So much about Facebook is having the right group of friends and it seems like your friends are perfect.

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