September 16: Mayflower, Step Family, Working Parent, Play Doh, Collect Rocks, Stay away from Seattle, Guacamole, Day

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September 16,2011

★~ Today’s Sunset:  You Are My Sunshine..taken by Katybeth

★~ Today’s Quote: “The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.” Bill Gates

★~ Mayflower Day: 

Sheesh…even back in 1620, everyone was in a rush to celebrate the holidays. On September 16, 1620, 102 passengers and crew set sail on the ocean blue from Plymouth, England. Their destination was the New World. And, although they encountered stormy weather and treacherous seas, this hearty group of 41 men—the rest, women and children—half religious dissenters and half entrepreneurs, made it to Provincetown, Massachusetts on November 21, 1620. A month later, the passengers of the Mayflower founded Plymouth Colony and Thanksgiving dinner was served—well, not exactly—but sort of.

★~ Step Family Day:

Cousin Carla married Bob and went from 2 to 5

One out of three Americans is now a stepparent, stepchild, stepsibling, or some other member of a stepfamily. Stepparents are gaining more rights and becoming held more legally accountable for their stepchildren in many states.

Stepfamily Day acknowledges the parents that may step on some toes in the beginning but end up being trusted guardians in a child’s life and step-sibs that get off to a rocky start but end borrowing each others clothes and plotting against their parent’s.

Hug a stepparent or step-sib today or just stop referring to yours as wicked…because let’s face it, you are probably no Cinderella or Prince Charming.

★~ Working Parents Day:

Working parents have a full plate and, apparently, a lot of patience. At the end of a long work day and a congested commute, they walk through the door and are welcomed by the ones they love most, needing there undivided attention. Someone get these folks a grown-up beverage and their slippers! Moms or dads that work tending hearth and heart at home should celebrate Working Parents Day by taking a trip into the grown-up world, away from the endless cries of MOM!

★~ National Play Doh Day:

Get out your Play-Doh and let’s get creative! Roll out a snake. Roll out half a snake and make a worm. Smash your neighbor’s dumb ship. Just remember: Try not to mix the colors, or you know what’ll happen. That’s right—a muddy gray mess. Read below for more fascinating Play-Doh facts.

★~ Collect Rocks Day:

Do you remember Pet Rocks? I had a Pet Rock named Rocky Road. I loved Rocky, and I wonder whatever happened to him. Today is not Pet Rock Day but Collect a Rock Day reminds me of Rocky Road. Do you remember when someone gave you a rock tumbler for Christmas or someone gave one to your kid? Remember how long it took before the rocks were tumbled smooth and beautiful? Remember how you were going to turn the rocks into jewelry? But you didn’t. Today is not Tumble Rock Day, but Collect a Rock Day reminds me of my rock tumbler and Cole’s tumbler. Today, just collect some rocks from the woods, from the beach, from your neighbor’s yard…and maybe you can polish them and make jewelry! Or turn one into a very low-maintenance pet.

★~ National Stay Away From Seattle Day:

Do you think I’m kidding? Because I’m not. Seattle is tired of us. According to the Internet (always a reliable source), today is Stay Away from Seattle Day, and has been for at least the past three years. Seattle residents tired of giving directions, sharing attractions and being invaded by national chains decided to reclaim their city for a day.

The last time you visited Seattle, you tracked mud all over the carpet and some of the special-occasion dinnerware was missing when you left. Seattle will let you know when it’s ready to see you again. Until then, keep your distance; go visit San Francisco

★~ National Guacamole Day: 

I love guacamole. I LOVE GUACAMOLE, and what could be more perfect than celebrating guacamole on a Friday night? God bless the Aztecs, who forged and hunted for avocado seeds in Mexico back from 7000 to 5000 B.C. and eventually introduced us all to guacamole. I give the Aztecs an A+ (avocado plus tomato and onions, a little salt and pepper, a few chips…).

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1810 – Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla began an uprising meant to free Mexico from Spanish colonial rule — on what is now considered Mexican Independence Day.

♥~ 1840 – The term “O.K.” was popularized by the O.K. Club, a Democratic political group. The initials stood for the birthplace of president Martin Van Buren: Old Kinderhook, New York. Now, if that explanation does not satisfy your curiosity, please do read on

♥~ 1968 – The Andy Griffith Show was seen for the final time on CBS-TV. Sheriff Andy Taylor (Griffith), Opie (Ron Howard), Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier), Barney Fife (Don Knotts), Goober Pyle (George Lindsey), Floyd Lawson (Howard McNear), and the rest of the gang from Mayberry, NC, are still seen regularly on TV through syndication.

♥~ 1993 – Frasier debuted on NBC-TV. The sitcom was spin-off of Cheers, which had ended its long run the previous season. Frasier stars Kelsey Grammer as a psychologist who returns to Seattle to host a radio talk-show.

♥~ 1999 – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a $1-billion program to fund minority scholarships. The twenty-year plan was called the Gates Millennium Scholars program.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1875 – J.C. (James Cash) Penney merchant: founder: J.C. Penney Co. died Feb 12, 1971

♥~ 1919 – Marvin Middlemark inventor: rabbit ears TV antenna; died in 1989

♥~ 1924 – Lauren Bacall (Betty Perske) actress: Key Largo, Applause, Woman of the Year, How to Marry a Millionaire, To Have and Have Not; married actor Humphrey Bogart

♥~ 1925 – B.B. (Riley B.) King musician, singer: The Thrill Is Gone, I Like to Live the Love, Rock Me Baby; appeared in films: Into the Night, Amazon Women of the Moon; Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

♥~ 1927 – Peter Falk Emmy Award-winning actor: The Price of Tomatoes: The Dick Powell Show [1961-62]; Columbo; Murder by Death, Pocketful of Miracles , The Great Race, The In-Laws, The Princess Bride; died Jun 23, 2011

♥~ 1943 – Joe Butler musician: drums; singer: founding member of The Lovin’ Spoonful: Do You Belive in Magic?, You Didn’t Have to be So Nice, Daydream, You Baby, Wild About My Lovin’, On the Road Again

♥~ 1952 Mickey Rourke actor: Body Heat, Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Year of the Dragon, Nine Weeks, Barfly, Angel Heart, Johnny Handsome, Wild Orchid, Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man

♥~ 1956 – David Copperfield (Kotkin) magician, illusionist

♥~ 1963 – Richard Marx singer, songwriter: Hazard, Children of the Night, Too Late to Say Goodbye, Keep Coming Back, Angelia , Take This Heart, Right Here Waiting, Satisfied , Hold on to the Nights,Endless Summer Nights, Should’ve Known Better, Don’t Mean Nothing

♥~ 1964 – Molly Shannon actress: Saturday Night Live, Evan Almighty, Gray Matters, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Scary Movie 4

♥~ 1969 – Marc Anthony singer: I Need To Know, My Baby You, You Sang to Me, Give Me a Reason, She Mends Me, Tragedy; married to actress Jennifer Lopez

♥~ 1971- Amy Poehler comedienne, actress: Saturday Night Live [2001-2008]; Wild Girls Gone, Envy, Mean Girls, The Devil and Daniel Webster, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Parks and Recreation

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~ Play-Doh was invented by Noah McVicker in 1955

♥~The non-toxic, non-staining, reusable modeling compound that came to be known as Play-Doh was originally a pliable, putty-like wallpaper cleaner concocted by Noah McVicker for Kutol Products, a family-owned Cincinnati-based soap company., McVicker’s nephew, Joseph McVicker, joined Kutol and discovered the wallpaper cleaner was being used by nursery school children to make Christmas ornaments.

♥~  In 1955, the detergents were removed and the company was renamed Rainbow Crafts. Color was added and the compound became known as Play-Doh.

♥~ Once Play-Doh was reformulated into a children’s modeling compound, it was originally sold in one gallon cans with its color indicated on the lid. It wasn’t until a year after its debut that the smaller cans were made available to the public.

♥~ Play-Doh is available in 75 different countries. Hasbro sells approximately 95 million cans annually.

♥~ If all of the Play-Doh made since 1956 was extruded it would make a rope that could circle the Earth nearly 300 times.

♥~ If all of the Play-Doh ever made was in one big pile it would weigh more than 2,000 Statues of Liberty


Can you believe how many holidays we are celebrating today? Something for everyone!  If you have a morno moment leave a comment and tell me which one you will celebrate! Odd Loves Company!


6 thoughts on “September 16: Mayflower, Step Family, Working Parent, Play Doh, Collect Rocks, Stay away from Seattle, Guacamole, Day

  1. I had a pet rock! What a phenomena-pure marketing genus. Love Guacamole and your right Friday is a perfect night to wind down with chips and Guacamole.
    Kind of mean of Seattle to kick us out but I guess the tourist season gets old after awhile.
    Thanks for El Morno. I don’t always comment but I do stop by every morning.

  2. Great day. Jammed packed! Play Doh is great stuff. I have made it for my nieces and nephews and we have played with it for hours.

    Off to see the wizard but first a stop at Starbucks.


  3. Well I am a working parent so I guess that means I will stop for a Starbucks on the way to work Geri has the right idea. Guacamole pairs beautifully with Friday night. Play Doh is a part of my carpet for life. I wish I had know I would have just painted to match the play doh.
    Glad I had a morno moment. Have a great day.

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