Musing: Linguine: So many ways to celebrate.

So Many Ways to Celebrate Linguine Day

September 15th: Linguine Day
Food of the Day: One-Year Goal
Day: #71

My musing is so behind, but  DAGNAMMIT, I’m committed to giving each day its due.

Emily made this lovely lemon pepper shrimp linguine dish

I just made linguine with garlic, olive oil and poured some white sauce over it. We had some leftover ham, so I tossed it in and chopped up some green onion to sprinkle over the top. It was surprisingly good. If I don’t find a way to add more vegetables to our meals, I’m sure we will come down with the plague.

When I was a dumb little kid, my mom always threatened me with the plague. If you did not eat all of your salad, you were doomed to catch the plague. I like most vegetables, but I’m not crazy about salad—unless I can pick the salad out of the salad bowl. I’m not sure why salad tastes better this way, but it does; maybe it has to do with an inner urge to satisfy our instinctual need to graze. Whoa…that is good. You can use it the next time you are caught grazing in the salad bowl.

When I have completely mangled a word beyond my spell check’s recognition, I use Google as my spell check. I type the word—in this case, “lindaguini”—into my search bar, and Google searched and then asked if I meant linguine. Isn’t that amazing? The Google search was meant to provide me with the correct spelling for linguine; however, I could not help but notice that the second search item under “Linguine-Wikipedia” was “The Linguini Sex Position—Cosmopolitan.”

Are you curious?

Of course I understand you are not at all curious for yourself, but you feel that as a responsible member of the League of Human Decency you should sacrifice for the greater good and find out a little bit more.

The linguini sex position is explained this way: First you create a side-by-side canoodle and then….wait, my mom reads Odd. You’re just going to have to click on “Erotic Instructions” if you want to learn more about clamped thighs, friction, and keeping your limbs as limp and loose as a noodle. It’s a safe click. . .it really is a cosmopolitan site.

And now we all know that there is more than one way to celebrate Linguine Day! Aren’t you glad we had this musing…surely you have a comment to add. Odd Loves Company!


P.S. Aren’t you glad I did not spell check —Weinerschnitzel?

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  1. Well WHO KNEW?? I just might have to ask my husband some night if he would like a little late night linguini! Love the directions.

  2. I just finished reading your blog post. Must be a popular search phrase. How on earth did we procreate before Google??

    The noodle dish looks good too.. 😉

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