Mothers Thicker than Marriage

Today, an envelope arrived from my sweet mother, and I pulled out this picture.


I LOVE… this picture.
I love that it’s so perfectly my mom.
I love my mother’s outfit.
I love my mother’s Ugg boots. I love that my mother wears Ugg boots.
I love my mother’s expression.
I love the two gorgeous Dobermans … the perfect accessory.
Did I mention how much I love this picture?  It was taken just a few weeks ago and was a complete surprise.

Sitting in my big chair, admiring my beautiful mother and thinking that the picture was my favorite Christmas present—no, Mom, I am not sending the lamp back—I looked over at Joe’s picture on the entertainment center. He did not look happy….

Laughingly, I reassured Joe that my SWEET mother would never compete for his spot on the entertainment center.

At that exact moment, Cole dropped a stack of cookie sheets in the kitchen. It sounded like thunder.

I looked at my mother’s picture and noticed her perfect smile.

I know that smile

Joe and my mother had a love/hate relationship. Joe was wary of the mother/daughter relationship, and my mother had no desire to ease his fears. Sure, they could cocktail together on the patio and bond over a mutual love of Sarah Palin … but when it came down to it, the lines were clearly drawn. Mothers are thicker than Marriage. Grandmothers rule supreme.

I always felt like Joe looked down at my mom after he died with a kind of superior attitude: “HA. HA. Try to top this!” When my mother was admitted to Intensive Care the month after Joe died due to a gall bladder complication, trust me, I was worried.

Let’s just say the two of them were a little competitive.

Our niece took this amazing picture of Joe at the beach in Florida about a year before he died, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law made it into a poster for Joe’s memorial service. We call it his Mosses picture.

The poster was hung prominently above my entertainment center for the memorial service, and I never took it down.

Joe, you will remain on the entertainment center. Mom, your spot will be the fireplace mantle. Now, lets all get along or I will hang your pictures side by side.

Did I mention how much I loved this picture of my mom!!

19 thoughts on “Mothers Thicker than Marriage

  1. How funny! Your mother and her Doberman’s are gorgeous. What a great picture. The story about Joe and your mother cracked me up! Something tells me this story is not over YET.

  2. Absolutely the Best Christmas Gift a Mom could give. Perfect in everyway and she is gorgeous. Count your blessings Katybeth. And a loving son besides. What more could a gal want?

  3. It IS a wonderful picture of your mom. Your insight is both amusing and enlightening. Thank you for sharing this with us

  4. This is an amazing picture of Marcia and her accessories (of course the Dobs are accessories!). Your mother has rocked for years! (Including with the Rockettes!) You have a phenomenal insight into the three most important people in your life and as always, capture the essence of each in a unique and wonderful way. Love you tons. 🙂

  5. What a treasure! Your Mom looks so self-assured and confident. I LOVE Joe’s pic – it truly embodies his spirit.

  6. I am so truly blessed my mother and my Joe get along, though we all learned from our first marriages. I am even MORE blessed that Joe’s mom lives in Florida. We are in California. She made me cry the week she stayed with us when we got married. I love her but she is too ‘hard’ for me.

    I LOVE your mom’s outfit. Ask her if I can have those Uggs. Awesome awesome awesome.


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  8. Class Act your Mother is. What a lucky person you are to have a Mother like her. Look her ugg boots look very much like the “Girls” feet……………was that planned?

  9. I love it too!!! It’s really picture perfect! I like Joe’s picture as well and get a crack out of the name The Mosses Picture, although I can’t think of a better name for it. 🙂 Bot deserve a special place on your wall!

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