Update! Boiling MAD! Animals Petition: Charge Kyle Voissem with a felony!

Boiling Mad!! Sign the Petition and Charge Kyle Voissem with a Felony

January 27: Update from Erica and Jared:   “The judge ended up charging Kyle with a felony. Since it got increased to a felony instead of a misdemeanor, he has to go through a new arraignment. Not sure when that will be. And the athletic department took his scholarship away, and dropped him from the team. Most likely what will happen as well is he’ll end up being dropped from the university (the gymnastics coach said in the past when students have been charged with felonies, the university kicks them out).” Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign the petition and make a difference.”  Chicago Tribune Update. 


I feel like I’m Good Cause Katybeth this week. Soon you all will be avoiding me because I am asking you to click and support some cause or another that I feel strongly about—and you may be right. It’s amazing how intoxicating it can feel to share information and feel like you might make a difference.

Having said all the above…. Here is another cause I think you might want to take a look at standing up for—but only if you agree it is NOT ok for Kyle Voissem to pour boiling water on his dog and only be charged with a misdemeanor.


My friends Erica and Jared brought this to my attention. They love their two rescues, having saved one that had suffered severe abuse and needed a solid year of rehabilitation.

They walk the talk. Remind me tell you about their honest–to-goodness elopement—when we are done nailing the evildoer .

Here is the e-mail Erica and Jared sent me:

We’re writing to ask if you would sign this Change.org petition.

The petition is to increase the misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty against Kyle Voissem (the guy who poured boiling water on his dog) to a felony. Mr. Voissem is a member of the UIC men’s gymnastics team (currently suspended from competition), and his court date for his alleged crime is Thursday, January 26.

Erica and I are both alumni of UIC and former members of UIC’s men’s and women’s gymnastics teams. Because of our love for dogs, we believe Mr. Voissem’s alleged crime tars the teams we continue to support and promote.

We will also continue to work to ensure that Mr. Voissem is dismissed from the team, no matter what the ruling of the court. Participating in NCAA athletics is a privilege that should not be afforded to individuals who deny a dog’s need for immediate medical care and are arrested and indicted for animal cruelty. I’m hoping that you can help us shine a light on this petition in order to garner as many signatures as possible before his court date.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Most of us would rather see Kyle Voissem tarred and feathered and run off the team, but let’s go ahead and use the judicial system instead. Click on the link and sign the petition. And then share the heck out of the link. Send it too everyone you know—they don’t have to own a pet to want to see all animals treated humanely.

13 thoughts on “Update! Boiling MAD! Animals Petition: Charge Kyle Voissem with a felony!

  1. I have NO USE for people who abuse animals (or other people, for that matter)! If this young man couldn’t keep this dog, he should have turned it back over to the folks he got it from. People who hurt animals are the lowest of the low! Good for you, Katybeth — keep on “causing”!!

  2. I have no use for people like this and can not think of a single excuse for them. Signed the petition.

    Appreciated you letting me know El Morno was going to be late…hate when my morning routine is disrupted (smile face–I am not sure how to make). I will look for you later.

  3. Kyle deserves to be in jail forever, to be honest…but the system doesn’t always do the right thing. The man that killed my dad got 30 days, the most they could give him, because his actions also were only a misdemeanor.

  4. This piece of crap is no better than Micheal Vick if you ask me and should be in prison for a long time. I can not understand how anyone could abuse an innocent animal this way. Shame on him!!

  5. Oh, please don’t get me started on the animal cruelty law. It in serious need to be change! People abuse animal left and right and get off with literally slap in the wrist! It is so not fair!!! Animal is no different than us – if not better! Few yrs ago there’s this guy in Boulder, CO who left his dog outside during winter plus weather that night drop so low. The dog die, he freezes to death and what did he get? Slap in the wrist!! If you don’t want the responsibilities of owning a pet then don’t own one! Yes, let’s “boil” Kyle, I will definitely sign the petition!

  6. I am willing to support the poor little pup. I have tried to find Kyle but with no luck. If I do find him he will feel the pain he caused the defenseless dog.

  7. COURT: 2650 S California, Rm100, 9:00am – CHECK FOR NEW RM
    –VOISSEM, Kyle DOB 081691 (12110225901,HT630325)
    charge: 2x aggravated animal cruelty (scalding with water, no vet
    arrest: Beat 1233, 17xx S Des Plaines, 13Dec11
    arresting officer: CPD ACT, Unit 6559G
    animal: 1 dog
    history: Br43 26Jan12 charge upgraded, Br44 02Feb probable cause found

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