Musing: RIP Entertainment Center, Lost Keys

We finally laid the entertainment center to rest.

The boys wanted to celebrate with a bonfire, but due to the concerns regarding glue, varnish and toxic fumes, I had to insist on sparklers as an alternative.

Now, the next hurdle for my weekend is finding my keys. I know I drove home with them—duh—but I have searched high and I have searched low, and they seem to have flat out disappeared. My keys and I do not have a good relationship. Actually, I don’t have a good relationship with anyone’s keys.  If there really was an app for everything, there would be one to find my keys. Dearly departed Joe could always find my keys. He wasn’t nice about it, but when you can’t find your keys, nice hardly matters. My mother insists that the best place to keep track of your keys is to put them in the front pocket of your purse. I don’t disagree.  Sometimes it seems like I am the only person on the face of the earth that loses their keys, or drops them through the board walk into lake Michigan, or has them turn up in the produce bin of the fridge (they’re not there this time.)

Well, at least I am not alone in my angst, as a friend just sent me a text,  “Any idea where I might have put my brand new set of keys?” Misery does love company.

What about you? Do you lose your keys? And if you don’t, do you have any idea where I put mine?

Update: I FOUND MY KEYS. Happy Dance!  I used this handy technique which has helped me in the past: How to Find Lost Objects. I found my keys using step #8 Think Back.

10 thoughts on “Musing: RIP Entertainment Center, Lost Keys

  1. Maybe one of those stretchy thingys that go on your wrist would help. As you take them out of the ignition, slip it on and then when you get in the house slip them into your PURSE.

  2. Thankfully, I don’t usually lose my keys. My dear bro-in-law, however, misplaces his regularly (and passed that trait down to his son!). Glad you found yours. Glad you’re finally rid of the entertainment center, too!

  3. I thought I had lost mine last week…alas they were hiding in the bottom of my SMALL purse. How could I NOT find them??? Even blamed the teen girl driver for losing them…and yes I apologized !

    • It is our God given right as mothers to blame our children when things go missing. It was nice of you to apologize. I might have said “fine it wasn’t you THIS time–I won’t blame you the next time you take something of mine and don’t return it to its proper spot.”

    • Because some people are nicer than others…I found my keys on the back seat of my car–drivers side. Both Cole and I had looked a million times. It was during Dr.Solomon’s step 8 that I thought back and realized that I had scooped Target bags out of my car from the back seat and my keys were in my hand…and when I raced to my car there were my keys staring up at me…like how could you have missed me. Oddest thing ever. I am having a second set made.

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