May 28,2012: Devil Dog Goes Home, Popovers, Gators, and Pups

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May 28, 2012

Wow what a weekend. Devil Dog went home yesterday and I survived the ordeal without incident. The owner picked his demon up and my campers and I did a happy dance. A round of frosty paws for everyone!

A friend and her son came over this morning bright and early and I made cinnamon apple popovers.


Cole called me from New Orleans after his frog’s leg dinner (he said they tasted like frog’s legs) and a trip down the Mississippi to visit with the gators. He said that the gators loved them, smiling at them non-stop. How cute. See you later alligator!

No frog’s legs for me! Today is hamburger and brisket day, which are both good choices for a Memorial Day barbecue. Did you know, the largest hamburger ever weighed 8,266 pounds and was made in the city of Seymour Wisconsin. That is a lot of beef! I’m going to have the little lasagna Vickie brought me from a neighborhood Italian grocery store for dinner. Isn’t it cute?

Did you see the “lip dubbed” marriage proposal that went viral last week? Cute! However as El Morno friend Rachel said “That was awesome, and I think their relationship just peaked and they should break up this second.” When I wondered how they would celebrate their first anniversary or child, El Morno friend Stan said, “I think they’re selling tickets for that event now!”

A heart-filled Memorial Day thank you to best and the bravest, including, of course, these good dogs.

I’m going to spend the day by the pool munching on chips and dips, sipping on little cokes and root beer floats.

I am sure by mid-day I will feel the need for a little meditation to help realign my spirit. Ommmm. Some people might think I’m napping but you will know the real truth!

Have a wonderful day. If you have a Morno moment share your day, and if you’re going to be out and about, be mindful!

12 thoughts on “May 28,2012: Devil Dog Goes Home, Popovers, Gators, and Pups

  1. Glad that dam dog went home and tell Cole to stay away from the gators. You people like to live to close to the edge. Is that a strawberry on Rascal’s nose?
    Great weekend. I am so tired I am going to need to go back to work to get some rest. Grilling burgers today with friends.

    Have a good one and be safe out there.

    • It is a strawberry on Rascal nose! We really don’t like living close to the edge but it seems this weekend the edge found us! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  2. YAY no bites for devil dog!The pictures are great Kb! I’m going to give those popover a try. I have a pan thanks to you.
    Off to friends for the afternoon. I’m sure hamburgers are on the menu.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  3. I had to stop by and see how you did with devil dog. So glad he is gone and you made it through without a bite. And now alligators? What next close encounters with killer bees? 😀
    Looks like you are eating well, at least. Such a sweet picture of Vickie and Milo and your friends. Rascal of-course is always adorable.

    Weekend has been far better than I thought it would be but I will be ready to pack my kids off for the last week of school tomorrow.

    Be safe, Ok?

    • Thanks Liz–Alls well that ends well and I am so happy it ended! Thanks for the compliments on the pictures-it’s hard to take a bad picture of my crew. One more week of school. Make the most of it!

  4. Good Lord I had a lot of catching up to do. As always I was entertained and was happy to see you will live to share another El Morno–you aren’t going start accepting killer bees at camp, right?? ^ Loved those focus pictures and the story on Dog Files touched my heart.
    It’s been a weekend full of family for better and worse. The food has been the better part. 😀 Kids are off school so summer will be in full swing tomorrow.

    Take care!

    • Summer starts. I’m sure you have it all organized and planned out for your crew! The dog files is a good one! No killer bees at camp! Firm rule.

      Thanks for dropping by Odd!

  5. Yay, Devil Dog is gone! Now you can celebrate and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Not a fan of gators or frog legs. BBQ’d brisket or chicken sounds more like Memorial Day fare!

    • I agree-I’m pretty sure the gators the kids saw on there boat trip would have loved a taste of 10th grader…wonder if they would have thought the kid tasted like chicken? So glad that dog is gone!

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