May 29, 2012: Compost Day, Renaissance Era, Coq Au Vin Day

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May 29,2012

Daylily after the Summer Rain IMG_4680 SOOC

Today we are supposed to learn about composting. I’m sure composting is a good idea for some people, but I’m not going to compost. My dear dad dabbled in composting, or at least I remember something about him going out to stir the compost pile. I also remember that it attracted a variety of vermin even though he was very careful about what he composted. We don’t live on a farm. We live in the city with an alley behind us. Alleys attract vermin of the most despicable kind and there is no way in hell that I am inviting them to dine on my leftovers.

Today, more or less, around 1453BC, the Ottomans conquered Constantinople and the Renaissance era was believed to have been begun. Obviously, without Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube it took some time for it to go viral. In any case, Da Vinci is one of my favorite renaissance men. I love reading the letter he sent to the Duke of Milan when he was applying for a position, especially the last line….”I can further execute sculpture in marble, bronze or clay, also in painting I can do as much as anyone else, whoever he may be”

It’s also Coq Au Vin Day. It sounds so exotic, so fancy, so French, but I guess it comes down to sticking a rooster in a pot and covering it with a little wine. If you don’t have a rooster, a chicken will do. Well, it’s a little more complicated than just finding a rooster or chicken to boil, as the recipe has a lot of steps to follow. I have seen simple Coq Au Vin recipes, but I want the real deal. Time to make reservation at a French restaurant.

Today’s birthdays include Bob Hope (1903), John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917), and Annette Bening (1958). If your birthday is today, a big happy birthday to you!

If you made toast today in a pop-up toaster, be sure to give a shout out to Charles Strite, who invented and patented the pop-up toaster in 1919. When I chaired my last auction at Cole’s school, a very fine stainless steel toaster was donated. My sweet mother wanted it. She thought it would be fine enough for her and her toast. In order to make sure my bid was the winner, as auction chair, I had to go to extreme measures. No one complained, of course, because they knew that if they did I would suggest that they chair the next auction.

Speaking of my sweet mom, she is hopping on Amtrak and will arrive in 7 days and I can’t wait. I am looking forward to her help with figuring out curtains for my bedroom and the lighting fixture for my bathroom! And, of course, we shall do lunch! We love to do lunch.

Cole will be home in 3 1/2 days. This New Orleans trip has lasted forever. It’s time for that child of mine to be sleeping in his own bed. College will come soon enough but until then, he is mine! Well, mine with a car and friends but I can live with that (sort of)….

This is my favorite “find” today:

This post makes me wonder if you compost, or have ever eaten Coq Au Vin. Do you like your toast lightly toasted or on the darker side? Odd Loves Company!

13 thoughts on “May 29, 2012: Compost Day, Renaissance Era, Coq Au Vin Day

  1. I tried composting and it was a huge mess. I found out that I did not have the right container. Having the right container is very important!
    My toast should be fully toasted without being burnt.
    Short week. Have a good one!

  2. That was a great way to make sure you won the toaster! Hope your mom loves it! I enjoy my toast lightly toasted. I’ve had Coq Au Vin. It’s ok but a little to saucy for my taste.
    That is so true about fault! I am going to remember it!

    • I had to go to drastic measures if I did not want to pay an arm and leg for that toaster. I am not a big sauce person so that may get in my way of following in love with the Coq Au Vin. I liked the fault quote too!

  3. Last week to get things done before summer officially starts. I like Coq Au Vin; I have a friend who makes it with chicken and it’s so good. At least I think it’s chicken. Now I wonder? It’s wonderfully rich and so tasty.

    Have a great day!

  4. We compost and it’s pretty easy once you get the knack of it but there is a learning curve. To many people jump on the compost wagon before really researching or knowing what is involved. And I agree some places are better to compost in that others.
    I like my toast golden brown with plenty of butter!
    Funny “find” Kb–you always make me smile! Have a great day.

  5. I agree with you about composting ! yuk ! The very idea of it makes me needs to attract MORE varmits/vermin..I already have too much wildlife munching on my tomatoes.

    • I know! Rotting food? Oh I’m sorry ‘decomposing food’ like that is suppose to be a whole lot better?? If God had wanted us to compost he would not have invented dogs and garbage disposals! Sorry about the tomatoes!

  6. Haven’t composted. Haven’t tried Coq Au Vin. Love toast that’s lightly toasted. Mom’s coming to visit? Hooray for both of you — moms just always know how to do stuff and make everything better! And Cole is coming home in time for the weekend? Double-yay! The pups surely missed him — and so did you!

    • I don’t think we are the compost type…please feel free to drop in while my mother is in Chicago and share a pot of Coq Au Vin with us..I have just learned she makes a wonderful Coq Au Vin. I am looking forward to my mom’s visit. I am even washing all the sheets AND comforter on her bed!!

  7. I make a wonderful Coq Au Vin. We like it.
    I love my toaster. It’s fantastic. I like my bread well toasted, somedays I like it burned a bit. I just crave that burned taste. Then I put butter and peanut butter on it and let it melt in. Hmmmm.
    Only 4 more days until I’m Chicago bound. YEA!

    • Well who the heck knew?? Really?? I have never had your fabulous Coq Au Vin in my whole life. Not one time. Please bring the recipe to Chicago!! What other secrets are you keeping from me??

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