Camp-Run-A-Pup: Name This Breed!

Not Me! Silly! Down Below. I'm a Jack Rascal!

These wily, intelligent, big-little dogs are known for their human like expressions. They are cheerful, affectionate, loyal and excellent watch dogs. They are cute like this naturally, we did not get them wet or feed them after mid-night….. 😀

Click on areas of the pictures to bring Zander and Zoey into focus….

Bonus Pup! El Morno friend Stevie not only guessed this breed correctly she sent us a picture of her own little MaGoo.

16 thoughts on “Camp-Run-A-Pup: Name This Breed!

  1. I have no idea what they are but they are adorable in a Odd sort of way. Are they called Spike and Fang and can I have them? Please!

  2. Remember the movie “As good as it gets”? Thank you Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. Their expressions are priceless.They look like ewoks a bit when they get a good cut and are all brushed out.

  3. I have one! She is my dog #3, another rescue. I will send you a pic of MaGoo if you want to post her here.
    She is a doll!

  4. I love these little smoochie faces. And being Terriers, they are very loving/stubborn, and pretty much run the household. They are boss dogs. Love their bigger than thou attitude too. My Millie (Cairn Terrier) is the owner of this house and we just live here to feed, walk and play with her! She is one of a kind, let me tell you.

    • You called it Carol! Terriers live for us to please them! Rascal loves me and is my constant companion but has not interest in pleasing me unless it happent to please her too!
      I am sure Millie is adorable and keeps you on your toes.

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