Can You Hear Us Now, Joe? Signs from Beyond

Can You Hear Us Now, Joe?

Four days after Joe and I brought Cole home from the hospital, we went to see a past life reader. The mystic was very old and somewhat famous in mystic circles, and it was not certain if he would be able to travel back to Chicago, so when we were offered an appointment we grabbed it. Over the years Joe and I visited with many different kinds of mystics. These days Cole and I usually visit an intuitive about once a year to check in with Joe. I have a feeling someday Cole is going to look at me and say, “No, Mom, I do not want to see a voodoo soothsayer mystic; I want to see a real therapist with a PhD after his name.”

Our most recent journey into the beyond took us to the doorstep of a Louise Hauck, who interprets for those that have dropped “their bodies.” When we arrived, Louise greeted us warmly and guided us into a room with three chairs, an apple computer, and a tape recorder. No candles, no Ouija board, not even a card table to lay our hands on. Louise explained the process with a great deal more eloquence than I could ever hope to, but basically, it boils down to calling Joe’s heavenly soulular phone. Our hope was that the connection would be clear enough for Louise to get the gist of what Joe wanted to tell us. Naturally, there is always some static and disconnect. The technology more closely resembles tin cans and a string as opposed to the i-Phone. Now that Steve Jobs has joined the heavenly ranks, things should improve. In any case, when Louise asked if Joe was a loud man with a hearty laugh, Cole and I knew she had connected.

The session confirmed much of what I felt and knew about Joe’s continued presence in our lives and reassured my 16 year old that his dad was still close at hand and very available to him. During the session Joe brought up the color purple. Louise wondered if I had noticed anything purple around me or to the side of me. I hadn’t. She told me to be on the lookout for something purple that would show up in our lives. Our time with Joe and Louise ended, and we parted with sweet sorrow.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I let my pups out and turned towards the very fragrant smell of my lilac bushes and immediately noticed that a large purple flower had burst into bloom.

(Click on the flower to bring it into focus)

I did not plant the flower, and it had never bloomed before. In fact, I have no idea what kind of flower it is — perhaps an iris or a lily?  Joe and Cole always bought me flowers on Mother’s Day, but for my first Mother’s Day, Joe bought me a bunch of purple gladioli.

When I showed the flower to Cole, he laughed and said, “We can hear you now, Dad.”

Tonight we are experiencing a storm, which makes me want to run out and protect my flower from the rain and wind. But I think I will let it weather the storm and continue to tell its own story.

Odd Loves Company,

P.S. The Iris made it through the storm and what a story it had to tell….CLick here for the follow up post

25 thoughts on “Can You Hear Us Now, Joe? Signs from Beyond

  1. You are right, Katybeth. Your flower is an Iris and I have one just like it in my back yard that has just bloomed. Do you think Joe is in my neighborhood??? Is he the Iris fairy?

    • It is an Iris? Good to know! I do not know if he is the Iris Fairy but he was the winter Fairy at our school Holiday Fairy for 3 or 4 years and I am sure he would enjoy your neighborhood!

  2. That was fantastic. Your iris is simply beautiful. Amazing how things happen. Go Joe!!
    I must say your post is so wonderfully written. It made my day. 🙂

  3. Lovely story. Beautiful flower. However you have mentioned that you believe you have a direct line to god but then you use mediums to contact Joe. Isn’t this some what contradictory? Not trying to be confrontational but as a strong believer in conventional religion (Catholic). I’m curious. I guess just like you aren’t much of a believer in traditional religion I struggle with hocus-pocus.

    • I think your comment merits a whole other blog post! I don’t need an intuitive to talk to Joe and there is not a directive that says that I do. I talk to him all the time and often notice his signs. The Catholic church, as I understand it, says the only way to god is through the Church. That is certainly one way to look at it but it is not my way. I’m sure a good Priest or Minister or Rabbi can offer one a great deal of insight into the unknown based on his or her beliefs. I am not asking the intuitive what they believe I am simple asking them to help me reach out to the other side based on what I believe. Not sure if it this answers helps but like I said your question is a blog post all on it’s own!
      Thanks for stopping by Odd 😀

  4. Totally believe. My departed Dad drops pennies all over the place at the most unbelievable locations.You just have to keep your eyes open for purple, or in my case, pennies.

    • Nancy, I love your penny story! Such a wonderful connection to your dad. I always pick change up on the ground. My mother finds quarters all the time and even has a quarter bank–I wonder who is thinking of her? After the flower I will probably think of Joe whenever I see purple.

  5. I’m a staunch Catholic and the Bible tells us not to consult mediums. That said, I firmly believe we don’t know everything there is to know about death, particularly, what happens after we’re gone. I still get great comfort in talking to my dad, who died almost 3.5 years ago, and if you and Cole are comforted by Joe’s presence, too, who’s to say that’s wrong? Not me! Why should matter simply go away once a life is over? Why shouldn’t you still find bits and pieces of Joe all around? And if he wants to leave you a “message” in a gorgeous purple Iris, more power to him!

  6. I love love love this connection. Joe was never one to do anything half-assed, it’s an in your face kind of HELLO. Thanks for sharing, always.

  7. He love you katybeth!!!! He love you!!!
    How sweet is that he remembers the 1st color of flower he got you??!! Aww!! How sweet!!

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  9. That Iris bulb will make more Iris’s and they will keep spreading, believe me!. Unless of course you have a person around your house that seems to take offense of ANYTHING growing around the yard. (I am speaking of my husband, the flower/bush killer). He keeps chopping on my Forsythia bush and I told him if he didn’t quit and leave it grow the way it is suppose to, I will shove his clippers up his A–! Nuf said!

    • OH MY! Thanks for the info and I do hope for the sake of your bushes and Mr. Carol’s own sake he listens up and lays those clippers to rest! 😀

  10. so funny. I found my way to this blog from Louise’s “Illuminations” page 🙂 Odd, isn’t it. Purple Iris, from my Dad, also blooming now in my garden. Weird I barely knew Joe, but feel him in my life, too.

    • I had no idea Louisa had added the link. I’m glad she did. I’m glad Joe is getting around ;-D Heck I had no idea it was a purple iris until people told me—I though Iris were delicate. I’m told this one will come back which makes it fading away a little easier to take…More Connections Isabel ♥

  11. How lovely. And Iris doesn’t just spread by seed on the wind…so somehow it was planted there. Such a pretty flower he sent you. Hugs to you and to Cole.

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