May 16, 2012: Purple For Peace Day, Hug A Tree Day, Sea Monkey Day

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May 16, 2012

365-266 Purple Spring Crocus, Woodland Near Rudheath, Northwich Cheshire UK
Today, Purple for Peace Day is celebrated as a way to welcome aliens to earth. Apparently, aliens like the color purple. Purple seems to be surrounding me lately. Do you suppose it’s because I was born in Roswell, New Mexico? Last night, I wrote a blog post about my purple iris flower, and this morning, several El Morno friends sent me snippets about the meaning of the word iris, which comes from the Greek word “rainbow.” Now, here is where it gets a little goose bumpy. It seems that the Greek goddess Iris acted as the link between heaven and earth, and Iris flowers  were traditionally planted in flower beds and put on graves to summon the goddess.

It’s also Hug a Tree Day. I celebrated by hanging some bird houses, and documenting the process for you.

First the ladder. I could not figure out how to straighten it….

Leo came over to help…

Maybe this way….

Rascal had an idea…

Rascal asked Leo to help..

She explained the plan…the ladder needs to go up there.

Leo!? Fine I will do it myself!

What did I do??

This did NOT WORK.

Plan B! We are NOT quitters. YAY!


What if she can’t get down?!

Big Hug!

If you own sea monkeys, Happy Sea Monkey Day! I have never owned sea monkeys. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, ants, tadpoles, sugar gliders, horses but not one single sea monkey so I do not know much about them except that they breath through there feet and have three eyes on top of their head. I’m told the best way to celebrate Sea Monkey’s is to buy and experience these little creatures first hand. However, I would like to suggest a second best way to celebrate them for those of us who hold tight to “not one more thing that breathes (even through its feet) will come to live with us!” You Tube Video

I am going to miss celebrating the dish, Coquilles St. Jacques today, but I made it last year and it was really yummy so I might make it over the weekend. Click for the recipe

Happy Birthday Stud Terkel (1912). I liked a lot of what Studs wrote but one of my favorite quotes is, “think it’s realistic to have hope. One can be a perverse idealist and say the easiest thing: ‘I despair. The world’s no good.’ That’s a perverse idealist. It’s practical to hope, because the hope is for us to survive as a human species. That’s very

Rascal and I took a walk and look who we saw hanging around the neighborhood.

Rascal was completely fascinated with seeing a bunny up close and personal. She stood completely still and quiet allowing me to snap a picture. The bunny completely ignored us and continued to munch his lunch. I said Rabbit Rabbit for good measure as we walked away. Rascal wondered if we should bring it a carrot…I said no.

Hope your Wednesday was Wonderful!

6 thoughts on “May 16, 2012: Purple For Peace Day, Hug A Tree Day, Sea Monkey Day

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  2. I like the story about the Iris. Be careful climbing around on ladders. Broken bones are for the birds. The silver ladder is a good ladder if you extend all the joints, lock them in place, trying not to pinch your fingers.
    Off to hit the pillow. See you tomorrow.

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  4. Now that rabbit looks exactly like the ones my Sheltie and I found in our yard! Come to think about it, our bunnies probably would be about that size, too. Hmmm, do you think they packed their bunny belongings and made their way north?!

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