Deer Antlers Questions Answered. They Only Come In One Color

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From time to time, I post some of the odd dear antler questions I’ve been asked, so we can all have a giggle! And who knows? Maybe I’m answering the question you were afraid to ask.

“How many deer do you have grazing in your pastures at one time, and are they humanely treated?”

Our pastures are home to herds of deer that graze in our lush organically grown grass and munch apples from the organic apples trees that hang over the pastures, offering shade as well as nourishment. Fresh cool water flows from 7 waterfalls into ponds placed strategically around the pasture to make sure fresh water is always available to the deer. Should the deer seek shelter we have heated and air conditioned barns that they can come and go from at will.

** Not really! Antlers are collected from deer that have shed them naturally in the wild. Unfortunately we don’t own even one deer. Sad but true!

“Are deer antlers safe for children to chew on?”

We don’t recommend giving children antlers to chew on.

“My dogs won’t share the one antler I bought, and in fact they become ugly with one another over it. Do you have any suggestions?”

Why not buy another antler? One antler for each dog…

“They are very expensive!”

Vet visits are more expensive!

(Dogs don’t share, and there is always a favorite antler—usually the antler the other dog is chewing! The best solution is to buy more antlers than you have dogs. Monitor your pups around the antlers, and if aggression occurs only give them the antlers when they are in crates or are separated from one another.)

“How many calories are in an antler?”

Do you mean how much does an antler weigh?

“No, my dog is overweight and my vet says I need to be careful about high calorie treats.”

Antlers don’t really have calories.

“If they are edible, they must a calorie count.”

Good point. Each antler has approximately 3 calories.

“Great! That will work. I would like to order 4.”

(Sometimes it is kinder to tell people what they want to hear.)

“Do you sell deer antler earrings?”

For you or your dog?


Not at this time.

“We would like to buy an antler for my son’s science project.”

Happy to help. Let me know what size and we will send it right out. Good luck to your son.

“Actually, we were hoping we could send you the instructions, and then you could do the experiment and e-mail us the results.”

Oh. Ah… well, I’m so sorry but we don’t do antler science projects at this time.

“Do the antlers come in different colors?”

No. The antlers are all natural. We don’t dye them.

“So what colors do you have?”


“That’s the only color?”

I’m afraid so.

“I wanted to use one as a wall hook but I need more of a purple color.”

Well, I’m sure you could paint it.

“I guess, but I was hoping for a natural look.”

I’m sorry I can’t help.

“My Great Dane loves his super jumbo antler, but he has the habit of throwing it in the air. Do you have any suggestions?


“I ordered my antler yesterday afternoon, it’s 11.00 AM, I still don’t have it yet!”

My dad ships the antlers out as quickly as he can, but the mail can take a few days.

“Well, I’m not impressed with your shipping.”

I’m so sorry, but I did tell you it would take 3-5 days for the antlers to arrive. And you just paid your invoice last night.

“I’m not at all happy. What can you do about it?”

Not sell antlers to you anymore?

(My dad packages orders as soon as he has the paperwork which is usually the same day we receive payment and ships the antlers the next day. Sometimes ‘life happens’ but usually antlers usually arrive in 3-5 days.)

Are your antlers Gluten free? 


“My dog loves his antlers. I’m attaching a picture of my pup happily chewing his antler. Thank you so much.”

What a great picture. We love pictures! THANK YOU!

There are no ‘dumb’ questions, but some do make us giggle a little more than others. We are always happy to answer any questions, and special orders are fine, but do please remember antlers only come in one color!

12 thoughts on “Deer Antlers Questions Answered. They Only Come In One Color

  1. OMG…isn’t it fun dealing with the public..LOL !
    Some of those questions are bazaar, I mean really…great answers though..

    • Thanks! The questions leave us in stitches….hey if you make the earrings we will sell them!! Oh and candlesticks! Which I have seen before…

      • There is a shop in Ruidoso that sells “everything” made out of the stuff..expensive stuff..they have chandeliers, furniture, lamps, etc..

  2. Sadly, I’m guessing all these are real question! Seriously, my Daddy and brother enjoy deer hunting and there have a couple of 5 gallon buckets of antlers. There were kind enough to let my Rascal have a few to chew on. He LOVES them and I highly recommend ordering extra for your pup!
    I love the comment that they want a “natural” purple color. Because I’ve seen so many purple deer antlers!

    • All real questions pinkie swear. Makes me wonder what silly questions I have asked over the years–I am certain the list is LONG.
      People ask all the time if they can safely give their pups antlers from their husband or dads hunting expeditions and of-course the answer is those antlers are the best kind…FREE. 😀

  3. LOL Thanks I needed a good laugh.
    You should put together a book. Too funny. But, sadly
    I’m sure my silly questions will be among

  4. My Sheltie has never had a deer antler, but I bet he’d like one or two. I’m going to bookmark this so I can gift him for his next special occasion!

    • Hope your precious fur is feeling better! We started out giving this product to our own dogs and when my mom said she was confident of them we knew they were a winner. No mess, no smell, and we almost never hear of them upsetting a pups tum. I give them to our own campers and my own dogs. Sorry for the commercial :-D. I’m really not selling since they fly out the door but i do get excited about them!

  5. I don’t mind the silly quesrions but I do mind when people call at 6:30 in the morning! Wish they’d figure on the time change. Oh well I guess that’s just the price you pay for a home run business.

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