Camera Tips and Tricks: Take the Dam Picture!


Camera Day was on Friday. I love photography. Joe used to say that I should sleep with my camera by the bed so I would be ready to point and shoot if we woke up to a disaster in the middle of the night. I was embarrassed that I had not considered a night-time disaster and immediately moved my camera to my bedside table.

I’m not qualified to give anyone advice on how to use a camera or best capture the moment, so I will just share a few of the photography skills I’m working on and the apps and photography web sites that I like and work for me.

Ultimate Photo Tips and also a plethora of information to be creative with your photography, visit the above link. It surely wont be a waste of your time, instead you will be glad you are better at your photography game.

Where I go, so goeth my camera; I always have a camera with me — usually more than one. I plan for those spontaneous, impulsive photo opportunities.

Learning to Use My Gear: I’ve owned my camera for two years and have finally read the manual. I love capturing moments on “auto,” but with practice, I am learning to switch auto off and manually capture moments that are better exposed and composed.

Technology is a Good Thing: In the past I have been afraid of f-stops, lighting, and aperture. I learn about technology on a need-to-know basis. When I wanted to learn about depth of field, I had to learn more about f-stops; when I wanted to capture my pups in motion, I had to learn a few techniques that would allow me to shoot fast and steady.

Point and Shoot: I take a ton of pictures. I learned early on that the more pictures I take the better the odds are that one will be great. On any given day, I take over a 100 pictures! Mason Seifert Photography will capture important moments to tell the story of the day.

Shoot from the Hip: Great shots happen at hip level especially candid one’s.

Up Close and Personal: My dad taught me this one. Get close to your subject Get even closer.

Speedy Quick: Most moments in life happen quickly. The worst scenario isn’t having a blurry picture — it’s not having the picture at all.

Furry Photos: Rascal loves to have her picture taken for a price. Payment is in the form of steak, chicken, or turkey. Other campers turn it on for a ball or a squeaky toy. We keep picture taking fun and playful at Camp Run-a-Pup! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. When taking picture of your pups, I suggest that you meet them at eye level and let the pup assume the pose — some pups hate to sit for a picture, and while I could force them to sit, I can’t force them to look happy. Use natural light whenever possible, and take a lot of pictures. My camp pictures are far from technically perfect, but I have never had a pet parent complain when I’ve sent them a picture of their precious fur or posted one online.

Best Photo Lesson: It was Cole’s last day of the third year of our Waldorf parent-child class, and we gathered in the playground to take a group picture of our children on the beehive. All the children but mine were happy and smiling. Cole wanted to go home and had no interest in being part of a group picture. Cole was unhappy and so was I. Then the teacher’s assistant gently said to me, “Katybeth, being happy isn’t the only way to have your picture taken.” Until that moment it had never occurred to me to take a picture that didn’t include a smile. Thank you, Sandra. Side Note: I remembered all the kids but Cole sitting on the beehive, as gold as gold, with big smiles. When I went back and found the picture for this post—It looked a little different…..

And now for a few (but not all) of my photo app favorites:

iPhone Tip: Using My Headphone to Snap Pictures. It’s a great way to reduce camera shake, especially in low light situations, and to capture candid street shots or to take shots in places where they’re not allowed. I’m a rule breaker. What can I say?

i-Phone App: Camera+. It does everything!

Photojojo: Tons of cool stuff.

PicMonkey: Edit your pictures online. It’s fun. It’s free. No registration required.

Postagram: An i-Phone or Android app that lets you send printed postcards of your pictures to your near and dear. The postagrams cost 99 cents, but right now, the first five postagrams you send are free! I sent my sweet mom a postagram, and she loved it.

Favorite Photo-A-Day Challenge: Each month a list of daily photo prompts is listed and all you have to do is use any camera you have to take and post a picture of the daily prompt.  For example the July 1st prompt is a ‘self-portrait’, so you would just take a self-portrait. Click the link to see the entire prompt list and find out how to post your pictures.


When Cole was about four, he became a little impatient with his mom, her camera, and saying cheese for what must have seemed like a few too many times because he finally looked at me and said, “Mom just take the damn picture!” And I did!

So, I encourage you all to get out there and take the damn picture as well as share some of your favorite photo tips and tricks with us!

Odd Loves Company,

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

My parents wished I had Cole when they were younger but they’ve held their own…

Rafting…..with Grandmarice

Balloon Ride with Grandaddy…..

Second date–First picture

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