July 16, 2012: Hug Your Kid, World Juggling Day, Get out of the Doghouse Day, Corn Fritters Day

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July 16, 2012


★~Today’s Quote:  If you’re angry at a loved one, hug that person.  And mean it.  You may not want to hug – which is all the more reason to do so.  It’s hard to stay angry when someone shows they love you, and that’s precisely what happens when we hug each other.  ~Walter Anderson

★~ Hug Your Kid Day (or any kid that might benefit from a hug):

Timon Hugs Animation

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On the third Monday in July, the entire world celebrates “Global Hug Your Kids Day.” It’s a special day meant to remind parents of the importance of hugging their children each and every day.

Hug your child first thing in the morning, when you say goodbye, when you’re re-united, at bedtime, and often in between. Teens especially need those extra hugs to feel loved and connected. You’ll be surprised at what a hug can do: it opens up the doors of communication; It affirms love and acceptance; It builds self-esteem; It bridges generation gaps.It heads off potential conflicts; It makes people less defensive; It shows kindness and compassion; It demonstrates respect and value; it sets an example of patience and tolerance; It rejuvenates your day.



According to the International Juggler’s Association (IJA), “World Juggling Day” was conceived to “help spread the fun of juggling and to bring jugglers together all over the world.” Have you always wanted to learn to juggle? Grab three ball of equal size and practice with this online tutorial  “Learn How to Juggle.”

★~Get out of the Doghouse Day:

Today offers you the chance for redemption and forgiveness — a get out of jail card so to speak . . . but you still have to look cute and show some remorse.  Perhaps you could send the offended the link to El Morno with  “Get Out of the Doghouse Day”  and “Hug Day” highlighted,  suggesting that you hug and make up; then follow up with an offer to bring them some Corn Fritters!

★~ Corn Fritter Day: 

Traditional corn fritters are a mixture of corn kernels, egg, flour, milk, and melted butter, deep-fried or pan-fried. They can be eaten alone, served as a side, or enjoyed with syrup, powdered sugar, or jam. Corn fritters originated in the South, but many fritter varieties exist worldwide.  I’m going to grab my cast iron skillet and fritter the day away

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1935 – The first automatic parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, OK. You could drive up and park for only a nickel, in places where parking used to be free.

♥~ 1950 – The largest crowd in sporting history — 199,854 — watched the World Cup soccer finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Uruguay defeated Brazil. “Scccoooorrrreeeeee!”

♥~ 1973 – Roger English stopped dancing the Twist in La Jolla, California, after a record 102 hours 29 minutes.

♥~ 2003 – A drink sold at the Ritz Hotel in Paris was recognized as the most expensive commercially available cocktail in the world. Guinness World Records said “The Sidecar” cost $440.88 a glass. It contained Champagne Cognac that survived the 1870 siege of Paris and two World Wars and had been inside the hotel for over a hundred years. In the 1920s, the Sidecar sold for $1.73.

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1907 – Orville Redenbacher popcorn gourmet & tycoon; died Sep 19, 1995

♥~ 1907 – Barbara Stanwyck (Ruby Stevens): Nominated for Best Actress by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences four times out of her 82 films. Her Oscar nominations were for her roles as Stella Dallas in Stella Dallas (1937), Sugarpuss O’Shea in Ball of Fire (1941), Phyllis Dietrichson in Double Indemnity (1944), and Leona Stevenson in Sorry Wrong Number (1948). Her first Emmy was in 1960-61 for her lead role in The Barbara Stanwyck Show. She received another Emmy for her Big Valley performances in 1965-66 and one for The Thorn Birds in 1983. Her popularity increased over the years as did her pay check. In 1944, Ms. Stanwyck was listed by the government as the highest paid woman in the U.S., at $400,000 per year.

♥~ 1911 – Ginger Rogers (Virginia Katherine McMath) Academy Award-winning actress: Kitty Foyle [1940]; dancer with Fred Astaire in many musicals; appeared in over 70 films in 60 years; died Apr 25, 1995

♥~ 1968 – Will Ferrell comedian, actor: Saturday Night Live, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Suburbans, The Ladies Man, The Andy Dick Show, The Ladies Man, Zoolander, Elf, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

★~ Did You Know that Juggling is a competitive sport?

Frequently called the Rodney Dangerfield of competitive sports , juggling rarely gets enough respect and is generally written off as a hobby for uninspired clowns and out-of-work chainsaw salesmen, but the art form has a surprisingly revered history. In fact, its earliest depictions come to us from the tomb walls of an unknown Egyptian prince, which historians have dated to sometime between 1994 BCE and 1781 BCE.  Every year   the  World Jugglers Federation competitions feature some of the best pin-tossers on the planet from hundreds of juggling clubs worldwide. and invited to compete. But that isn’t all. The annual competition, is actually split into seven different areas with individual and team events. Of course, being a gold-winner in the WJF competition requires more than just a little hand-eye coordination. Most champions spend more than four hours a day, six or seven days a week, perfecting their hot-potato like skills. In 2011 the WJF produced the world’s first juggling competition live telecast on ESPN 3 and they will be back again in August of 2012 at WJF 8. Olympic  Could Olympic Juggling be possible in the future?

A few world records include:

Nine balls, 60 catches (Anthony Gatto, 1991)
Ten rings, 20 catches (Albert Lucas, 2002)
Seven clubs, 230 catches (Anthony Gatto, 1991)


Mercury is in retrograde,  my internet took a dive this morno, and El Morno has been written fast and furiously…I’m on the run. The good news is Cole just walked in the door, after delivering two campers to their abodes, with my Mocha Frappuccino…I might make it through this day after all.

What’s up with you?

7 thoughts on “July 16, 2012: Hug Your Kid, World Juggling Day, Get out of the Doghouse Day, Corn Fritters Day

  1. Hugs all around. I gave my kids big hugs as I put them on the camp bus! It’s too hot for corn fritters! But I might fritter some time away today…reading my book and sipping sweet tea!

    Merry Monday!

  2. I can juggle three balls and have always wanted to take a circus art class to learn to juggle more. Five cents probably seemed like a lot of money to park a car back in 1935. I wonder if anyone ever paid it.

    Enjoy your Frap and have a great day!

    • Go for the circus arts class! I have heard it is a lot of fun! I thought five cents sounded like a lot too! Of-course it’s 25 cents for about 15 minutes in Chicago. This cities parking is highway robbery!

    • I tried to substitute a hug for cash–he has a camp transportation business—but I could not pull it off. But I went ahead and gave him a hug anyway…Mom’s are like that. 😀

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