Coolers and Shoe Yard Art

One of my projects this summer is cleaning out our basement again. It’s a never-ending project. My goal is to eventually just store what we use and get rid of the rest. For example, during this year’s crusade to purge and pitch, I found that we owned eleven coolers! I know that there are only eight coolers in the picture, but they just keep showing up. The only coolers we have used in years are a large one with wheels and a smaller, lighter one which will hold a few drinks and maybe a couple of sandwiches.

The reason why we have eleven coolers is that dearly departed Joe was always in search of the perfect cooler. If we passed a garage sale, his eyes immediately went in search of the igloo logo. I understood this because I have spent my whole life searching for the perfect purse, and my closet reflects my failure. I ran an unofficial Facebook survey, and so far, the average number of coolers is about three. This number, however, includes several people who don’t even own one cooler. As hard as it to imagine owning eleven coolers, it’s even harder to imagine not even owning one. They are so handy and easily stored. Don’t worry though, I have offered to help out any friends that don’t own a cooler—all they need to do is ask for my help. My cooler is their cooler. I’m generous that way.

Why am I going on and on and on about coolers? Because it’s 97 degrees in Chicago at 4:00 p.m., and I am trying to think cool thoughts. In case you haven’t already figured it out, the other reason I’m hanging out in our basement counting coolers is that the basement is cool.

While I was weeding through the basement, I also found a bag of Cole’s colorful soccer shoes that he has outgrown. I’m not sure why I saved them. Maybe I planned to grow flowers in them, but in any case, there was a bag full of them, and I was attached to them for reasons I do not understand. I was at a loss as to what to do with them, and even a quick search on Pinterest didn’t help much, but then I had an idea — YARD ART! I did have to venture outside to hang them, but when the temp dropped a few degrees on Saturday, I had my hammer and wire at the ready. Cole told me I hammered like a girl — the nerve! Here is the finished result. I think it turned out kind of campy and fun.



Do you have a basement? Do you have a cooler? Do you have any other yard art ideas for me?

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14 thoughts on “Coolers and Shoe Yard Art

  1. Wow..I only have 1 medium size cooler. I feel like I may be missing out.
    Love the shoe art. Very fun! Great idea!

    Stay Cool!

    • I think you need two coolers–one large (if you have a family) with wheels and one medium soft sided cooler. If you don’t have a big family two medium would work.

    • Thank you! I am going to tell people those shoes are the one’s left from people who entered my yard uninvited and did not make it to the fence in time. 😀

  2. Cool yard art…
    I only have 2 soft coolers, one medium size and one small..
    What are you going to do with all those coolers?? LOL

      • LOL…only reason that I can see for having that many coolers would be if you entertain a lot and keep a lot of beer, wine and “pop” on ice for a party..Cooler art ?? No , I don’t think so..ha ha Do people still call sodas “pop” up there ? We did when I lived in Rockford..years and years ago..

        • Sigh. I don’t have huge parties anymore. I bet somebody somewhere has done something fun with coolers..maybe planters if you drilled holes in the bottom but that would be a lot of work.
          Pop. Some people do. Joe did…and when he asked for a Pop…I was often very tempted! 😀

  3. I hate to tell you how many coolers we have! My folks used to love fishing, and they were great for picnics for us kids and storing minnows for them. Of course, if one cooler is cool, dozens must be cooler, right??

    • Strange thing about coolers…it seems people either have a whole lot or one. I think my count is up to 14 and the Facebook average was 3.7. But we have a couple of fisherman and Boyscout mom’s factored in…

  4. I think 3 coolers is ideal, a big one, a med. size one and a small one. Of course I have many more than 3, why I don’t know.
    I like your yard art KB, very clever!

    • Thanks!! They are hard to pitch. I don’t know why but they are—I thought for sure your good friend Sue would have a clever idea of how to repurpose them but she did not. Oh well. NR only has one…so maybe you need all of yours. Clearly I am giving this way to much thought.

  5. If I remember correctly, there is a use for a big cooler in the summertime if you are having sweet corn served. You pour boiling water in the cooler, add your corn, put the cover on it and in10-15 minutes, WALLA, your corn is cooked and ready to serve. You have to leave that cover on though. Does that sound like something I heard about? Anyone out there know what I’m talking about??

    • Carol do you see the comment from Sue ^^ third comment down. She was born and raised in Rockford but l left for the Southwest many moons ago. I wonder if you know or knew any of the same people?

      Corn idea is interesting. I had not heard but a You Tube search should tell us something (I will check)

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