Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions

I’m back! Did you miss me? Like crazy? Are you ready to have your fortune told?

Fortunetelling is offered each week on Sundays. I’ll leave my crystal ball’s light on until midnight, answer your questions, give you time to reply and offer feedback, and then flip the switch off until the next Sunday’s post. You are always welcome to leave feedback and ask general questions.

I need one favor: Please just ask one specific question. This will give me time to give you a more in-depth answer and offer more people readings.

This week’s Intuition Tip: 

Say yes. Say yes often. This one word will fuel your own intuition! Success and opportunity often seem to follow the word YES.

  • Click to read my YES post 
  • This week, count the number of times you say NO to yourself
  • Notice signs that tell you NO
  • Notice signs listing all the RULES

Next week, we can play the YES game. It will be FUN! I promise.

Let the questions roll! I’m ready when you are….

How it all began: I’m a Fortune Teller

16 thoughts on “Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions

  1. Note: This question was missed last week before the one question request. Thanks for your patience Savannah!

    Hi Katybeth,

    I want to start by saying you have an awesome blog here. I was sent here by my sister-in-law and I just can’t stop reading. Keep up the great work!! =)
    Anyhow, I wanted to ask you a few questions, but where to start? I feel like if I was to ask my hearts desire I’d be writing a book…so I guess I’ll just ask what is most bothering me. One of my many concerns involves finance. We get by with what we make, but recently we were offered a business opportunity that I am not sure I want to commit to. The DH is all for it, but I will be the one running it. What do you see happening with this one? Should we or should we not?
Next is should I take the chance and go back to school? I have a good job here, but don’t know exactly how long or where it will take me. I am already in my late 30′s and with a house full of kids (6) I don’t know if I can go back. I have tried a few times before and worry that I may fail again. Should I try again or just keep working? If you do see me going back to school, for what?
And lastly, my DH’s relationship with my parents (family). They never really did get along from the start. Although the relationship has really gone downhill to the point where I feel like I must choose sides all the time. I do not want to choose sides…so my question is will they ever learn to get along? Or will I have to keep being the middleman in this relationship?
    I know I have asked so much here and I appreciate you taking your time to look into and answer my questions.
Thank you KB

    • Hi Savannah,

      The cards indicate that you have lots of dreams. New ventures and projects surround you. Your cards show a strong desire to learn new things and develop new skills. Success will come to you when you when you set your goals toward learning these new skills.

      The time is right to abandon the castle in the sky and start bringing some of these opportunities into your real life. The focus needs to be on you and your growth. You have a great deal of strength, and strong, positive energy surrounds you. You have a desire to be action oriented, and you are courageous enough to push through your fears.

      The challenge right now is to be clear about what you are working toward so you can make good choices. Great opportunities may turn into problems later, while less enticing options may turn out to be golden opportunities—even if they take a little more time to come to fruition.

      School seems like an excellent option for you right now, even if you can only manage a class or two.

      The cards indicate that your husband’s business idea might be a good one, however I do have some concerns it feels like something is not above board; it feels a bit shaky in a dishonest sort of way. I would ask a lot of questions and plug up any holes before you make a commitment. In any case, your first priority should be developing your own goals and making your own dreams a reality.

      Family is going to require letting go and making very painful choices, it seems. Unfortunately, once these choices are made, there will be no turning back. If possible, start by lessening your attachment to the circumstance instead of focusing on fixing things because it is doubtful that will ever happen.

      Savannah, you’re a smart, powerful woman. It’s time to start exercising some of that power through the choices you make. There is every indication you will be successful.

      What are your thoughts?

  2. Do you see a publishing contract — or an agent — in my future?? Yes, I’ve written a book (I’ve actually written a couple of “throw-aways” and what I’m told is a keeper — I’m on the second of that one’s three-book series, though they could just as easily stand alone.) What do you think? Should I get off my lazy bottom and really try to get this thing published, or should I just write for my own enjoyment while keeping my day job? Thanks in advance (and be honest, okay??)

    • Hi Debbie,

      To publish or not to publish, that is the question.

      Interesting that I chose two cards that seem to be in direct opposition to each other. One card shows you to be someone who is highly energetic, quick thinking, action oriented, and up to date on news and technology. The second card shows you to be indecisive and uncertain about making your next move.

      Which, of course, puts an accurate finger where you are betwixt and between. (I wanted to pull cards over the course of a couple days to make sure my opinion was not influencing them, so I’m sorry for the delay.)

      Here are some thoughts:

      It doesn’t matter if you publish or not; what is important is that you make a decision. You have all the information you need, you have researched your options, and you have written a book. The only thing left to do is decide how you want to go forward.

      The cards indicate that you will be successful in whichever direction you choose to go, but they don’t make the choice for you.

      My interpretation is that you have nothing to fear as long as you don’t commit a lot of your financial resources—which it seems unlikely you would do.

      Debbie, once again the cards ask…what are you waiting for?

      • Kb, as always, thanks! I suspect I just need a swift kick in the rear! You’re more right-on than you’d ever know — sometimes, I feel more like an indecisive Libra than a Virgo. Probably the moon influence. That, or a streak of yellow running down my spine, ha!

  3. Katybeth,
    You are right on the money. I am a person who likes to learn new things and I do have many dreams of new ventures and projects. I just haven’t figured out as to how and where to start them. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I have a lot to think about after this. I just hope that I make the right decisions. I’ve always been one who puts myself last and so it will be hard for me to focus on me and my needs. I don’t think I even know or remember what they are anymore. But I will work on it.

    About the business, you are right about it being a bit shaky in a dishonest sort of way. That is way I say I don’t know if I can truly commit to it. I will have to do much research on it and do a lot of thinking on my part.

    And lastly, family. I kind of had the feeling that it wasn’t going to turn out the way I would have liked it to, but it’s ok. I just need to find my place in all this mess. I believe that once I do find myself, I will be much happier.
    Again thank you for your time in answering my questions.

    • Is this a trick question?? 😀 MMMM…..It’s late two little girls should have been in bed long ago, Mom isn’t ready for the weekend to be over, why isn’t HE helping get these two kids to bed or at least take the dog outside……Dam, I haven’t washed or ironed anything for worked tomorrow….Would it be too much to ask SOMEONE to load the dishwasher. I know we have to put the sheets back on the bed…I’m coming…this isn’t exactly brain surgery. . .stop teasing your sister…just let her have her toy. (something like this?)

      • ahahahaha… no, not a trick questions, I feel like there’s something been going on in my house, supernaturally… no kidding. Could it be my dad visiting?
        But yeah.,. Tyra got into a bit of trouble last night for keep on bugging Kalia on her toys… 🙂 and Mom is NEVER ready for weekend to be over.. those first 5 days after the weekens are the hardest!!

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