Fortune Telling! Step Right Up!

All your great questions, encouragement and feedback on last week’s fortunetelling post have encouraged me to make it regular feature on Odd.

Fortunetelling will be offered each week forward, starting on Sundays. I’ll leave my crystal ball’s light on for a couple of days, answer your questions, give you time to reply and offer feedback, and then flip the switch off until the next Sunday’s post.

I’ll also offer an intuition tip each week. Tips will also be shared by some of my amazing and insightful friends—like YOU.

Intuition tip:

One of the ways intuition is fueled is through synchronicity. Today, I wrote a blog post offering some suggestions about how to watch for more synchronicity in your own life. After I tell your fortune, watching for synchronicity will make the reading more meaningful to you. Give it a try and be sure to share your experience.

Now lets get started! Who wants to go first?

Odd Loves Company!

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31 thoughts on “Fortune Telling! Step Right Up!

  1. i am seriously considering calling it a career in 4 years. that would give me 35 glorious years in my field. do you see that actually happening? i have those 4 years to figure what else i will do because i have no clue as of yet. a part time job? volunteering? also, where do you see me living? where i am now? michigan again? pennsylvania again? or somewhere new to hang my hat? this is fun! thank you gypsy kb!

    • Hi Irene,

      Thanks for your questions and for jumping right in.
      It appears that a difficult time in your life ended some time ago, but you’re just starting to let go of the stress those events caused you. You have a strong ability to be able to center yourself and bring the people surrounding you back into balance. These skills will help you find a new career and home.

      Perhaps you might have a better idea than you think you do about what your next career will be—if only you would trust your inner guidance system. That’s hard, isn’t it?

      You’re an excellent team player. People like and trust you. They are drawn to your patience, moderation and genuine calmness. Others respect your unwillingness to add drama to a situation.

      Wouldn’t just a little excitement be nice? Branch out, spread your wings and fly. A new opportunity may present itself that will allow you to soar. It seems like an opportunity may have already given you a nudge or will soon. It’s risky and scary, but maybe just dip in your big toe to let the universe know you are at least interested. Come on…

      I can see you working in a shop, developing a new way of doing something—a book or a manual? Don’t worry about what people will want to see or what you want to show them. Do you sing?

      Four is such a great number, and I think it will be just the right amount of time for you to transition into a new career or entrepreneurship.

      To where will you move? Not sure, but the compass in your reading seems to be pointing east; however, it’s wobbling, which could mean whatever new endeavor you choose to follow may determine where your next home will be. Have you ever considered Seattle or Portland?
      Now it’s your turn…

      How did I do?

      • wow! thanks for the time & energy spent on this. no worries……i don’t carry a red pen for mistakes!
        admittedly, the unknown makes me uneasy. trust in thyself! interesting as i have done document writing the last couple of years. hmmm.
        the northwest……
        you are uncanny with your reading! i will definitely keep these thoughts in mind as time inches closer to 2017.

  2. Ok. I have a friend who is 39 and really wants to have a baby and get married. No boyfriend. someone likes her but she has no interest. Is there hope? This consumes her and is topic of every conversation.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Lets call your friend Bea.

      Bea is stuck because she believes the universe is denying her what she wants most in the entire world. Her despair is because she feels so much in her life is outside her control. She can’t make Mr. Right show up in her life. The cards I pulled indicate that Bea is obsessed and hell-bent on marriage and a baby. She has over invested herself in this area of her life at the expense of other areas, and it’s not working for her.

      Will Bea marry and have a child? Oddly enough, I can see a child but not a partner in Bea’s life. The child seems to be around 3. Bea isn’t yet in a place to be able to accept that child, but she could be in a year. Is Bea overinvested in material and financial matters as well right now? It seems this might be the area of her life that needs to be addressed before she can accept a mate or a spouse into her life.

      The cards suggest that Bea should express gratitude for where she is right now in her life and find volunteer work—not with children, but at a hospice or place where there are dying adults. I have no idea why this idea presented itself…all I can figure out is that volunteering this way might help her get unstuck and refocus her energies. And not for the clichéd reason that helping other people puts our worries into perspective—there seems to be a larger reason at work.

      How did I do?

      • Thank you. I am not sure I am going to tell her. She didn’t want to know if it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. She has begun to think about other ways of having a baby but reaaly wants her own and not ready to take steps in another direction. She was just named guardian of her brothers children in the will they set up. She was thinking of taking classes to distract her. Maybe I will suggest volunteering.She is finacially stable and likes nice things but doesn’t focus too much on them. She does want someone who is also stable. I will drop hints and see what happens and pass on the post about synchronicity. Good Job!

  3. When will I have some peace in my life. My problems and family problems are overwhelming and just continue and continue.

    • Hi Jane,

      BIG HUG. Lets start this reading with the word YES!

      YES, you will have peace in your life.

      As you know, our experience of the world is influenced by our expectations, desires and fears. Worrying excessively about a situation to the point of letting it keep you up at night is not helpful.

      If only you could step back and look at the situation more objectively, you would know what the cards know: It’s not as bad as you believe it is, and all your worry and despair are making it worse. In fact, worry and despair are preventing you from doing the one thing that will bring you the peace you want.

      You must ACT! Demand that the universe showers you with peace through your willingness to ACT, be pragmatic, stay informed on practical matters, get down to basics, and use your superior problem-solving abilities to move toward a solution.

      The cards acknowledge that things are overwhelming and you’re so tired. They also offer you the promise that the universe is more than willing to meet you halfway; isn’t judging you on the past; and has plenty of abundance, security, stability and peace to share with you.

      How did I do?

    • Hi Julianne,

      I’m not sure what your present work situation involves, but the cards are asking you to continue having a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to earth attitude when it comes to dealing with your relationships regarding work. There does seem to be someone or some situation that is pushing your buttons a bit, but I’m pretty sure he, she or it is going to come out on the short end of the wand. There may be some shakeup at work, but you seem to be in a very strong position to handle it.

      The cards are nudging you to conserve your energy and pace yourself. When you are over-committed with stuff (even with fun stuff), everything becomes a strain.

      Does any of this resonate?

  4. Ok, I goota ask… do you see any change of me and my family moving to Indonesia? Or Moving anywhere? Or maybe any possibility my hubby got that teaching job? And this is probably more of “hi God is me Sendie” questions, do you see our financial situation improving at all….
    Lots of questions…

    • Hi Sendi,

      No doubt life is a challenge right now and you feel assaults on every front. The cards reflect your struggles but also offer you hope.

      The first piece of advice you are being offered is to move slowly and with a great deal of caution right now. While your deepest desire right now may to be to break free, you need to plan ahead and not act rashly and in the moment. Long-term planning is key.

      You or your husband may be offered two job options, and a difficult choice will need to be made. Again, take the time to discuss the positions and make sure you are seeing all opportunities clearly.

      Life is certainly challenging right now, and you feel constantly judge and criticized by others as you try and deal with your circumstances. Friends and family may be second guessing why you’re staying in a challenging relationship or an unfulfilling job. I bet you would really like people to just keep their mouths shut and let you be. During these times, you must gather up your confidence and have faith that you know what you want and can achieve what you set out to do. Stop avoiding conflict and backing down on your point of view too early. The flip side of this is your relationship with your husband, in which you may be taking things too far, being overly aggressive and protecting your turf. He cares about his family deeply; he is one of the good guys.

      It’s time to tidy up, toss out the junk and set things right within your house. Face your desk for an hour, pull those weeds, toss out some of those toys. (Good Lord—the TOYS.) Just a little bit every day will help you feel clear and stronger. Add routine back into your life. Can you take a 30-minute family walk every night?

      While you may not be win the lotto, money is in the cards. You may also have some major financial decisions that need to be made. If this is the case, make sure you get the best advice possible.

      Slow down, observe carefully, stand up, tidy up, and deal with what is directly in front of you.

      How did I do?

      • You gave me the chill! everything you said is spot on! I have not been happy with my job – actually I love my job but not so much of the environment – and people has been asking me why do I stay.. also the relationship part.. yeah.. that has been a struggle. I do know deep down he’s one of the good guy, but maybe it’s just the whole situation with the job and his schedule ( he work 3rd shift) that i just fed up…
        and the toys… HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT???!!! I’ve been blessed with friends and family who spoils my kids, but slowly those toys pile up and out of control! I’m happy to announce thought that just this past weekend, we did a major toy room clean up and have 4 huge boxes ready to be drop off at goodwill. 🙂

        Umm… the financial decision that we have to make, is that good or bad?

        Thank you Kb!!

  5. Hi Katybeth:

    We have never met, I am friends with Julie and went to grammar school with Julie & Joe. My husband went to high school with Joe. I have four children, in all different phases of their lives. My oldest, a daughter, is pregnant with her first child, our first grandchild. My son-in-law, who I love like a son, started a new job about six months ago. My second, a daughter, just had a terrible breakup with her boyfriend; and she claims she will now be single for her entire life, living with us. My third, a son, just started law school and my fourth, a son, is a junior in college. How do their futures look?

    • Hi Carol,

      Nice to meet you. Why don’t we approach your reading by talking briefly about one child at a time?

      Number one daughter and son-in-law certainly do shine brightly. Your daughter brings balance to her relationships and knows how to organize and juggle priorities. It’s possible that some sort of a new opportunity will present itself in her near future—not the baby, but career-wise. Is she considering going into business with her husband or handling a part of an existing business? The opportunity is a good one; the challenge, of course, will be balancing it with a new baby. Your son-in-law is always busy, obviously hardworking, and he has tons of good ideas. However, he seems to be more of a starter than a finisher. He needs to pay more attention to his relationships and his food choices! He seems to eat on the run a lot. These two will have money—the key will be to manage it. They would benefit from meeting with a financial advisor if they haven’t done so already. Managing money is something neither of them does well. This couple makes the cards smile. They are happy, healthy, and more than ready to meet and greet the new opportunities life is going to offer them.

      The good news is daughter number two will sort her life out even if it’s a mess right now. The cards show that she’s afraid, frustrated, and uncertain. Right now, she needs to replenish her energy, straighten out her finances, and find meaningful work (or put her efforts more fully into the job she does have). She is being far too hard on herself. The card suggests that the thing she needs most right now is a good listener. She doesn’t want to be told how to fix things; rather, she wants someone to listen to her as she pulls herself back together, which she most certainly will do.

      Your law student seems uncertain or has just come through a time of uncertainty. The negativity that was surrounding him seems to be dissipating. This son is sensitive and intuitive—things he is not especially proud of. The cards, of course, encourage him to learn to use these gifts. This son needs to confront his anxiety and assumptions and make sure that he is beating his own drum. Someone, a girl, is standing just around the corner waiting for him—the cards like her. She may be a girlfriend or just a friend, but if he doesn’t know her, he should give her a chance, even if he doesn’t like her much at first. Law school doesn’t seem like an easy fit, but the type of law he chooses could make the difference. The cards encourage you to hug this kid especially tight.

      Last, but not least, is your youngest. This boy seems to be a dreamer. He is not big on dealing with the day-to-day realities of life and may need help coming out of the clouds. If he can be persuaded to engage in some real self-reflection about what will fulfill him, it would be very helpful. Right now, he seems to be running around pursuing things that are not going to satisfy him. Family is good for this kid; it has a calming effect and helps him feel more in control. It could be that this boy just needs a little more time to grow up, or he might need to talk with a trusted professional to get to the root of why he tends to cut off his nose to spite his face. The cards like him a lot and believe that, with a little help and a lot of patience, he is going to make a big difference in the lives of those around him.

      How did we do?

      • thanks Katybeth –
        of course, right now I am worrying about my 2nd and 3rd (the most) and you were spot on with both. my law student has had a great two days at school with a paper and a test and he is feeling wonderful and feels he is exactly where he should be.
        My daughter is feeling better, but still sad. she moved back home to save money and is going back to school. She is doing really well in school and I hope out there somewhere is a great guy in her future.

  6. Katybeth, you are GOOD! I’ve been reading the comments and your responses here, and I just can’t believe it — it’s interesting to hear how accurate you are, too! I don’t have a question — this time. Next time you play gypsy, maybe I’ll send one your way!

  7. I asked my husband to leave because he has stole books from my best friends house again. 10 years ago when I was pregnant with our son he stole books and video games from everyone living in the house. I left him and 3 years later he said he had changed and I trusted him. Now I have to figure out where to go and what to do. I have a job but it does not quite cover all the bills. I believe I should go back to school but I am not sure if I can afford it and or do I have the time with work school and raising my son. I have an opportunity to help my best friend that needs someone to keep her house in order. In turn my son and I could have free room and board and they might be able to pay for my schooling or some of it. I have been tiring to figure out how to make this work and I think living with my best friend and her family is the only way I can go.

    • Hi Kyber:

      Thanks for stopping by for a reading. I have highlighted some of the areas of your life that the cards seemed to speak too. I hope the reading is helpful.

      Goal: Paying your bills and becoming self supporting should be your primary goal right now along with providing security for your son as he enters the challenging teen years.

      Career: You’re smart, creative, and hardworking. There seems to be a better job opportunity in your immediate future. If school is something you really want to do (and I did pull a higher education card) then it may be in your best interest to take one class a week for awhile.

      Living arrangements: Depending too much on your best friend is not in your best interest. If you do go that route make sure you have some back up plan if it doesn’t work out.

      Focus: The cards suggest that you focus your energy on mending fence, building trust, working hard and listening to the advice of those that only have your best interest at heart.

      Future: Opportunities to make more money, and deepen your relationships with those that you love and love you, surround your future but you’re going to have to grow up and meet your future more than half way. It’s worth the extra effort.

      Misc: Is something leaking in your home? Apartment? Car? Please check. Your son has a friend whose mother seems to be causing some problems (or could be in the near future) you need to protect your son calmly from this person. Watch for a “good deal” to come to you through the mail, internet, or friend. It will provide you with some much needed inexpensive fun.

      Good Luck!

  8. Katybeth,
    It’s a girl! Great guess or whatever you like to call it.
    Thanks for the “fortune”! It was so much fun!
    I’ll be asking many more questions soon!

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