September 26, 2012: Johnny Appleseed Day, Apple Kuchen Day

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September 26, 2012

Harvest time

★~Today’s Quote: I imagine that yes is the only living thing. ~ e. e. cummings

★~ Johnny Appleseed Day:

An Odd Dude. Some say Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer but I picture him more as an 1800’s hippie. He wore coffee sacks with holes cut out for his arms, rarely wore shoes even in the winter he could walk over the ice and snow barefooted and the skin was so thick on his feet that even a rattlesnake couldn’t bite through it, he wore a mush hat on his head. A leather bag filled with apple seeds was slung over his shoulder. His dream was to plant so many apple seeds no one would ever go hungry. . .crunch an apple in celebration of Johnny Appleseeds Birthday. Click here to learn more about Johnny

★~ Apple Kuchen:

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed with Apple Kuchen! from Katybeth on Vimeo.

In Honor of Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday, bake up an Apple Kuchen, one of my favorite, easy to make desserts.  Apple Kuchen recipe

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1962 – “Come and listen to the story ’bout a man named Jed…” The Beverly Hillbillies aired on CBS-TV. U.S. audiences were enchanted with Jed, Ellie Mae, Granny, Jethro, Miss Jane and that banker feller. Enchanted, as in a trance, in fact, for 216 shows. Bluegrass stars Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs had the honor of composing and recording the theme song and hit record, The Ballad of Jed Clampett.

♥~ 1964 – Gilligan’s Island began its 98-show run on CBS. The TV show starred Bob Denver in the title role, Jim Backus as Mr. Howell, Natalie Schafer as Lovey Howell, Alan Hale as the Skipper, Russell Johnson as the Professor and Dawn Wells and Tina Louise as Mary Ann and Ginger, respectively.

♥~ 1983 – The longest winning streak in sports — 132 years — was broken. It was the America’s Cup race and the United States team expected to maintain their title; one they were defending for the 25th time. Challenger Australia II won!

♥~ 1987 – Whitney Houston’s fifth consecutive #1 U.S. single hit the top. Didn’t We Almost Have It All was a cut from her LP, Whitney, which was number one on the album charts from June 27 to Sep 11 that year.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1888 – T.S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot Nobel Prize-winning poet [1948]; The Waste Land, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock; died Jan 4, 1965

♥~ 1925 – Marty Robbins (Robertson)Country Music Hall of Famer; Grammy Award Winner: El Paso [1960], My Woman, My Woman, My Wife [1970]; A White Sport Coat, Don’t Worry, Devil Woman; actor: Road to Nashville, Ballad of a Gunfighter, Hell on Wheels, The Drifter; last Grand Ole Oprey singer to perform in Ryman Auditorium, 1st to perform in new Opryland; died Dec 8, 1982

♥~ 1933 – Donna Douglas actress: Beverly Hillbillies (Ellie Mae), Frankie and Johnny

♥~ 1948 – Olivia Newton-John singer: You’re the One that I Want, If Not for You, Let Me Be There, I Honestly Love You, Have You Never Been Mellow, Please Mr. Please,Physical, Magic; actress: Grease, Xanadu, Two of a Kind

♥~ 1962Melissa Sue Anderson actress: Little House on the Prairie (Mary Ingalls), The Loneliest Runner, The Equalizer: Memories of Manon

★~ Did You Know: America’s 10 Best Restrooms

The  America’s Best Restroom contest has been sponsored annually by Cintas, for the past 10 year to determine the coolest restrooms in America.  Last year’s winner was the Field Museum in Chicago. Online voting is open for the 11th annual Best Restroom winner through October 26. Here are  the finalists:

♥~ Liberty Market, Gilbert, Arizona: Liberty Market, cafeteria-style restaurant, offers restrooms that let you go your way: There are five unisex stalls (with a common sink area), each with its own design and personalized music playlist. One restroom has menu items scrawled on the wall, while the another features images of a Vespa ride through Italy.

♥~ Hollywood Bowl-Hollywood California: The iconic Hollywood Bowl amphitheater hadn’t updated its restrooms in more than 30 years, but the new design was worth the wait. The new look is inspired by the 1920s, with black and white stalls and striped one of the Bowl’s restrooms there are green and red lights to indicated whether stalls are occupied.

♥~ Gitane Restaurant, San Francisco, California: Located in the Union Square neighborhood of San Francisco, Gitane serves eclectic small plates in a bohemian-style atmosphere. The restroom conveys a funky, retro feel with old-fashioned appliances and vintage artwork. But there’s a big drawback, there’s only one unisex facility for the entire restaurant, which makes for long lines.

Mie N Yu Washington D.C.: The unisex washrooms  feature barrel sinks, old-fashioned faucets and a full-time attendant on weekends.

 ♥~ Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel- Chicago, Il. This hotel lobby restroom, by British  designer Jim Hamilton,  has a glitzy feel with mirrored tiles, slick surfaces and pops of purple.

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Fans of minimalist art will love the restrooms at the Walker Art Center. Dreamed up by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, the stalls are a streamlined, stark white, and really stand out in contrast to their black surroundings

The Hard Rock Cafe’s Vanity club in Las Vegas: This lovely 2,000-square-foot ladies lounge, lights up with a $40,000 chandelier made from glass globes, and has a cocktail waitress  ready to serve you a drink while waiting in line. Naturally the ladies’ room also features vanity stations with massive mirrors for image-conscious club-goers.

Da Marino Ristorante Italiano, New York, New York: This trendy restaurant, located near Manhattan’s theater district, bathroom features Italian art and sculpture, candles, opera music and even a running waterfall.

Buc-ee’s, New Braunfels, Texas:  Buc-ees, a rest stop/convenience store 68,000 square foot facility features 60 gas pumps, 80 soda fountains and 35 cash registers. And the bathroom? There are 83 stalls, plus more sinks, paper towel dispensers and soap pumps than a human would ever need.

Lane Stadium/Worsham Field at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia: Virginia Tech’s restroom may look normal at first, but it’s the mirrors that make them special. Motion sensors detect when you approach the sink, and turn the mirror into a TV screen, showing you the game while you’re away from your seat.

Don’t forget to vote on your favorites.


Which bathroom did you like best? I have been in one of those mega truck stop bathrooms and they really do offer everything. I would love to sneak into the men’s bathroom and see what they offer!! (I just came back to edit that sentence….Just to be clear I don’t want to hang out in the men’s room at a truck stop. I would like to see if they offer the same amenities as the ladies room. OK. Never. Mind. I’m going to trust that you know what I mean…OK?) 

Our mouse squatter is still in residence but he has moved to Cole’s room so I slept much better last night. I have an appointment with my Orkin man and hope to send Morty Mouse back outside or to his just reward.

If you are observing Yom Kippur, wishing you an easy fast.

16 thoughts on “September 26, 2012: Johnny Appleseed Day, Apple Kuchen Day

  1. Morno,

    That Apple Kuchen looks good. I think my sister made it last year from that recipe. I need to remind her. Those bathrooms are something else. The one in Virginia that lets you keep up with the game would get my vote.

    Have a good one!

    • Those scores just slow you down and keep you from getting back to the real game! Beeeep. Please make another choice.
      Sometimes I feel like I should e-mail an apology to your sister! If I can make Kuchen so can you! Really.

  2. walker art center gets my vote. minimalist says it all. my vote for apples……mcintosh for just plain munching. good morning all!

  3. I would vote for the rest stop restaurant. As a mother, of a large family, I can assure there is never enough room in the bathroom. Forget fancy just make it be clean, roomy, and well stocked.
    That Apple Kuchen recipe is so good and easy. I made it last year and have already made it once this year and now I plan to make it AGAIN.
    Hope the Mouse heads south!

  4. I vote for the Chicago W hotel on Lake Shore Drive. When you walk into the stall the door is clear glass and when you lock the stall door the door fills with smoke/vapor/steam, so no one can see you. Upon unlocking, the door clears again. The mirrors over the sinks allow you to see into the Men’s room sinks. Worth the visit and the price of a drink to see it!!

  5. Marty Robbins’ “El Paso” was my late dad’s favorite song — thanks for making me all teary-eyed! And then you give me photos of these fabulous bathrooms, each one more interesting than the next. And then you end with the statement that Mousie has taken up residence in Cole’s room — have they seen each other yet?? I can only imagine poor Domer’s face if a mouse dared get in his room!!

    • Awww. I love that song. Especially growing up in El Paso. Yes Morty is still with us BUT the Orkin man is due to arrive tomorrow! I’ve give the mouse notice. I was surprise Cole did not seem to be “ascared” of the mouse–he doesn’t like winged creatures or opossums. However, he wasn’t exactly thrilled to be Morty’s sleep over date.

  6. The Hard Rock Cafe gets my vote. If I have to pee, why not do it in style, I say! Besides, you get served a drink before you pee. I really laughed out loud at you screaming at Jill. What a hoot.

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