September 6, 2012: Fight Procrastination Day,Another Look Unlimited Day, Coffee Ice Cream Day

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September 6, 2012


★~  Today’s Quote: “Surely, things will get better,” she said. I wanted to know just one thing. Who the hell was “Shirley,” and why should I believe her?” ― Jane Curtin

★~ National Fight Procrastination Day:

Do you put off doing things that would bring you closer to your desired goals? Click here for 7 common causes and proven cures for procrastination. I have found these suggestion to be very helpful. Number 5 is one of my challenges.

★~ Another Look Unlimited Day: 

If you think your basement, attic, spare room and shed are filled with junk, take another look. Some of what you have can be re-purposed, sold, donated or recycled. Rather than add junk to the landfills, seek out ways to revitalize old things,  find them a new home or click to visit Swap and Blog on Odd! 

★~ Coffee Ice Cream Day: 

Even the Mormon’s can enjoy a cone of Coffee Ice Cream!

“Mitt Romney joins other observant Mormons in shunning alcohol and coffee. However he apparently draws the line at ice cream. The Republican presidential candidate ordered coffee ice cream at Millie’s restaurant in Nantucket Saturday when he bought treats for his staff and mingled with diners. His aides selected flavors including vanilla, rocky road, butter pecan and birthday cake ice cream.

It’s not clear that Romney took more than a bite or two as he shook hands and posed for pictures in the crowded and buzzing vacation eatery. Mormons traditionally avoid alcohol and caffeine. Romney aides shrugged off the selection, saying the candidate can have whatever kind of ice cream he likes. For Romney: no coffee, but coffee ice cream 

According to’s flavorology, coffee ice cream lovers are lively, dramatic, and flirtatious. They also say that you are most compatible with those who prefer strawberry ice cream. Very interesting…

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1958 – Actor Steve McQueen starred on the CBS-TV series, Wanted: Dead or Alive. McQueen played bounty hunter Josh Randall. Randall was a man of few words but sure knew how to use his .30-.40 sawed-off carbine on the bad guys.

♥~ 1959 – The first Barbie Doll was sold by Mattel Toy Corporation. The original Barbie, along with her pals, Ken and Skipper, are now collectors items, although new versions are continually being produced.

♥~ 1975 – Glen Campbell hit #1 on the Billboard pop music chart with Rhinestone Cowboy. It had reached the top position on the country chart on August 23rd.

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1860 – Jane Addams Nobel Peace Prize-winner [1931]: social worker for peace and women’s rights; founded Chicago’s Hull House; died May 21, 1935

♥~ 1928- Robert Pirsig writer: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974) was published, and became a bestseller, selling more than 5 million copies.

♥~ 1942 – Dave Bargeron musician: trombonist, tuba: group: Blood, Sweat and Tears: You’ve Made Me So Very Happy, Spinning Wheel, When I Die, Just One Smile

♥~ 1947 – Jane Curtin Emmy Award-winning comedienne, actress: Kate and Allie [1983-84, 1984-85]; Coneheads, Saturday Night Live, Suspicion

♥~ 1958 – Jeff Foxworthy comedian, actor: You Know You’re a Redneck, The Jeff Foxworthy Show; TV host: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?; author: No Shirt, No Shoes … No Problem

★~ Did You Know: Some  good ways to Procrastinate. On-line

♥~Learn how to write your name in Elvish:  Learning to write in Elvish takes all of ten minutes, according to this website. Granted, this is far less useful day-to-day than Spanish, but it’s FUN!

♥~Pirate Day is September 19..better to start practicing your pirate speak sooner rather than later. Here is a tutorial! 

♥~Learn why a number is so important: This one’s for the math nerds: at this website, you can read what makes any number special, from 0 all the way up to 9999 (Spoiler alert! 9999 is a Kaprekar number, meaning that if you square it you get 99,980,001, and 9,998 + 0,001 = 9999).

♥~ The Neave Planetarium will explain the stars that are currently over your head, and you can give it any time or location to see what the night sky is like then and there. Even in full-screen mode, it can’t quite compare to looking at the real thing, but it’s a good substitute for those planetarium shows you probably sat through on field trips in elementary school.

♥~ Wikipedia Random: Learn at the speed of random Everyone loves Wikipedia, right? Well, maybe not the editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica. But one of the niftiest features of the free online encyclopedia is the “random article“ link. There are nearly 3 million articles on the site, so for solitary procrastinators, clicking it is a great way to blow off some steam and to be exposed to new facts. But if you have two or more procastnators in the room, the random function gets really interesting: you can use it to play an intensely competitive game, called “The Wikipedia Game” (creative title, eh?). Here’s how it works: a player clicks the “random article” link once and gets a start page; then, he clicks it again and gets an end page. The players race to navigate from the start page to the end page, using only the links within the article (no category links, and no editing articles—that’s cheating!). The first person to reach the end page yells “Done!” and must read back their clicking history. If their history checks out, then they become the player who retrieves the starting and ending articles for the next round. If you’re organizing a few rounds of the Wikipedia Game, remember: the more people playing, the better.

♥~ Learn to count in binary on your hands: Speaking of hands, did you know it’s possible to count to 31 on one hand? It’s also nifty because you can covertly flip someone off while pretending that you’re counting to four.


I’m running around like a chook with my head cut off today.  Yesterday my day went completely amuck and I’m playing catch up today with the added bonus of a lunch I’ve been looking forward too.

What are your plans for the day? Remember my moto: If it makes you smile, giggle or laugh…Do it again!

Odd Loves Company,

8 thoughts on “September 6, 2012: Fight Procrastination Day,Another Look Unlimited Day, Coffee Ice Cream Day

  1. Morno,
    Coffee ice cream one of my favorites. Glad it’s Mitt’s favorite too. Makes the guy seem more like me ‘cept he’s rich, and running for president. I’m better looking, tho.
    Have a good one.

  2. I still have that Barbie Doll. A birthday present for my 6th birthday. A very big deal!
    Thank you for posting Elvish link. Learning to speak Elvish was on my bucket list!

    Have a fun day.

    • Wow–how exciting to be able to kick something out of your bucket. Be sure to share how the lessons go! I still have that Barbie too, tons of clothes and a son. I’m hoping for a granddaughter someday.

  3. Love coffee ice cream. Jeff Foxworthy can always make me laugh. He tells stories that I can relate too!
    I wasn’t into Barbie but my girls love her and she is a lot less expensive that American Girl dolls. The clothes are fun.

    • Seems to me Odd supports my mom and your coffee ice cream habit with several days! I think it’s a sign that the next time you two get together someone has to bring the coffee ice cream!

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