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Odd has dedicated Wednesday to Swap and Blog, which means that every Wednesday I announce the results from last week’s trade and offer a new trade. It’s still Wednesday, or at least it will be Wednesday, for about one hour and four minutes, and then it will be Thursday. Funny how that happens week after week, isn’t it? In any case, for the moment, I am still on schedule!

Last week the trade was two pairs of Lucky brand jeans, and all the offers that were presented were very tempting. From Starbuck gift cards to coffee mugs, the world was my cheese cutter. Do you get it? The world was my cheese cutter instead of the world was my oyster? Never mind. If I was a better writer, I would take it out, but “the world was my cheese cutter” amuses me. What I am trying to say is that with all the great offers, choosing one to trade the jeans for was very tough. Plus, I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings—especially yours. But then Cousin Carla offered to bake me cookies in exchange for the jeans. COOKIES. Carla makes great cookies! She’s my dear cousin, Cole’s aunt (don’t try to figure it out), and partner in all things Oobleck; and despite the fact that she never answers her phone, she’s pretty nearly perfect. So on that note, I chose to trade the jeans for Carla’s cookies. You understand right? And, of course, you can try again this week. In Chicago and on Odd, there is always next week.

Do you want to know what this week’s trade is? Ok, I will tell you.

The trader would like to be called Casper the Friendly Trader. He does not mind if you call him Casper for short. Casper would like to offer the following for trade:

Blue (don’t you love the color) Kodak, EasyShare, CD82 digital camera. It comes with 2 Kodak AA alkaline batteries, USB cable, wrist strap, and a user guide.

It has never been used, but it was refurbished when it was purchased. It comes in a white packing box with packing materials and retails for around $79 (Walmart).

Casper says he will consider any offer at all, except hard-boiled eggs. HE DOES NOT LIKE HARD BOILED EGGS. His trade wish list includes things that are on his Christmas list this year (he has a Christmas list—sorry, married): funky jewelry, scarfs, fun unworn socks, interesting Christmas ornaments, cooking gadgets, and tools.

Please submit the item you would like to offer to trade for Casper’s camera in the comment section of Odd, and his decision will be announced next Wednesday. I will ship the camera, so don’t worry about handing your address over to someone who calls himself Casper (no offense Casper). You might not know me either, but you know me well enough to know that I’m Odd but harmless.

This is Katyboo, thanking you for playing Swap and Blog and reminding you that …

Odd Loves Company!



10 thoughts on “Swap and Blog: Camera

  1. Love the swap and blog! I’ll have to see what I have to trade and come back next week. Good luck, Casper. Hope you get a nifty item in exchange for that lovely blue camera!

  2. Well I guess I could offer Casper LAST WEEKS trade–A $30.00 Starbucks gift card. 😥 The camera is nice and could be fun for someone that is to young to have a phone or doesn’t have a decent camera on their phone.
    Try Try again. Casper? Is the second time the charm?

    • Lizzy remember the Cousin in Florida you insulted? I couldn’t exactly choose your Starbucks over her cookies..now could I?? I bet Casper loves your offer!!

  3. Well, now, Casper, that nifty blue camera looks just about identical to one I’ve already got (bought I-don’t-know how many years ago!), so sorry, but you don’t get an offer from me this time! I’ll just wish you and Kb a lovely Morno and slink off into the blogosphere.

    • I’m not sure Casper has seen your comment yet–but fine be that way..last weeks trade didn’t go exactly as planned!! But you will never hear me complain because I know, I know you will be back and when you do we will trade again.
      Have a great day.

  4. My offer from last week stands… exclusive 4 coffe mug still in the box and cheese cutter and my dog Bella? She’s part lab, part chow and a bit of devil in her… Kidding!!! Bella is my baby… but serious about the coffee mug and cheese cutter. 🙂

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