Swap and Blog: Joseph, Joseph Double Dish

Welcome to Thursday Swap and Blog!

Last week’s swap was Buckyballs offered by Cousin Carla, who chose to accept Stacey’s black-and-white cow creamer because it will be fun to use with her black-and-white sugar bowl, and it multitasks as a gravy boat. Carla is an Alton Brown follower who believes every kitchen item should multitask.

Thank you to all of you who pointed out that Cousin Carla’s Buckyballs were a potential choking hazard. Stacey does not have small children, pets or an oral fixation, and neither does the coworker she plans to give them to; the Buckyballs have been swapped responsibly. (Sheesh, you can buy an automatic assault rifle with fewer warnings than Buckyballs come with.)

Great swap, Stacey and Carla.

This week’s Swap and Blog!

This week’s swap is being brought to us by Odd Friend Geri. Geri is offering a brand-new “Joseph Joseph Double Dish.” The perfect dish to use when you are serving any snack that requires you to find a place to put the leftover shell, pit or stem. Place the snack in the top part of the dish and toss the leftovers underneath.

Somehow Geri ended up with several of these gems, so you have a choice of colors—stone, green or white.

Find out more by watching the video. Yep, this product is so cool, it has its own video.

All swap offers considered!

Geri is footloose, fancy free, and lives on the West Coast. She enjoys playing with her two pups, dining with friends, traveling, all sorts of food, playing cards and collecting postcards.

Please submit the item you would like to offer to swap for the “Joseph Joseph Double Dish” in the comments section of Odd, and Geri will announce her decision next Thursday-ish.

This is Katybeth, thanking you for playing Swap and Blog and reminding you that…

Odd Loves Company!


3 thoughts on “Swap and Blog: Joseph, Joseph Double Dish

  1. I like this! I would like to offer to swap a set of 4 autumn colored, cloth napkins that have never been used for the double bowls. The napkins are are from Pier one. They are very pretty. Geri you will love them!

  2. Wow this is very cool. Especially for nuts with a shell! I’m going to offer a new Body, Hands & Feet Minis Gift Tray from the Body Shop. I copied the description from the web site. “This collection provides all-over cleansing and moisturizing, right down to the toes. Includes: Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion 2.0 fl oz Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion 2.0 fl oz White Musk® Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel 2.0 fl oz Coconut Shower Cream 2.0 fl oz LOVE ETC…™ Shower Gel 2.0 fl oz” It smells really good.
    Geri, I would love to swap this for your double bowls if you are interested. The link is: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/gifts/womens-gifts/body-hands-foot-minis-gift-tray.aspx

    Thanks Katybeth this is a great idea!

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