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Welcome to Wednesday Swap and Blog!

Last week’s swap was a $30.00 Starbucks gift card offered by Lizzy, who chose to accept Cole’s offer of two Xbox video games. Liz would like to thank my sweet mother for her offer of pear-shaped salt and pepper shakers, but with Christmas arriving in 96 days and four children to surprise and delight, she felt she had to go with the games. I would like to go on record as saying I didn’t encourage Cole to trade against his grandmother. I’m just not that kind of daughter. And if I were that kind of crafty daughter, one could only assume I had an excellent teacher.

Great swap, Liz and Cole. Sorry, Mom. Maybe you could offer your salt and pepper shakers as a swap!!

This week’s Swap and Blog!

This week’s swap is being brought to us by Cousin Carla. Carla is offering brand-new, never-been-opened Buckyballs! The world’s best-selling desk toy! Unlimited forms, structures, stress relief and more! (How fun is that?) The amazing magnetic desk toy you can’t put down. Each Buckyball has two poles…one side repels and one side attracts. Unlimited fun (for grownups).

Make your best offer for Carla’s Buckyballs.

All swap offers considered!

Cousin Carla lives close to the land of Disney in Florida. She doesn’t have small children living at home, but her blended family does include five college-plus-age kids, give or take (she has kids coming and going all the time—it’s hard to keep up). Carla loves to cook, read, going to the movies, knitting, crafting and collecting pillow cases, toaster covers, tea cozies, t-shirts and sweater shirts with cows appliquéd on them. If it has a black/white cow on it she is interested. Cousin Carla learned to write, read and spell backwards in case she was ever on a late-night show and ran out of things to talk about. She is not a fan of gadgets, but I suspect her husband would insist she trade the Buckyballs for an iPhone 5. Just sayin’.

Please submit the item you would like to offer to swap for Cousin Carla’s Buckyballs in the comments section of Odd, and her decision will be announced next Wednesday-ish.

This is Katybeth, thanking you for playing Swap and Blog and reminding you that. . .

Odd Loves Company!


12 thoughts on “Swap and Blog| Buckyballs

  1. My nephew would love those. I have a slinky or wooden yoyo I could trade. I might have one pair of barely use black and white spotted socks? You don’t know me but my feet are very clean.

    Please consider my offer!

  2. I have a very lovely set of pair salt and pepper shakers that I would love to trade for some what ever the hell Buckyball are. ..do they come with cookies? Carla I had no idea you collected cows. Good to know!!

  3. I have a black and white cow creamer from Amazon. Never been used. It could also be used for gravy. I have a co-worker that would love those Buckyballs. My swap is perfect for you!

  4. I do not knit, craft or collect cows. I also do not collect pillow cases, toaster covers, or tea cozies. I do not like brick-a-brack or knick-knacks. I don’t drink coffee but a cow creamer full of gravy makes perfect sense to me. Definitely a consideration.

    • (Carla is a little shy about her collections and crafting…..her knitting is getting better all the time. I could show you a lovely pair of socks she knitted…)

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  6. Buckyballs? Never heard of them. Probably something I don’t need. I can see me wasting LOTS of time playing with them, or worse, one toppling to the floor where the Sheltie might pounce on it! Nope, better not offer a trade this time. Keep doing this, Katybeth, because I’m eager to get in on the fun!

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