Camp-Run-A-Pup Rainy Day Pictures

Just a few impromptu Camp Videos and pictures.  I’m capturing moments so the quality isn’t great. If I move or breath the moment changes and the capture is lost. . .

Can you find the beagle in this picture?

Daphne isn’t resting easy….

A well equipped desk puts everything you need within reach…


7 thoughts on “Camp-Run-A-Pup Rainy Day Pictures

  1. So Cute! I loved how they all snuggled down to sleep. And of-course since I am owned by a Boxer I got a kick out of watching Daphne (hope I have her name right) take on the smaller dogs.

  2. Those pups look like they are having a great time playing and are obviously enjoying a stress free time at camp. Rascal, as always, is so cute.
    Enjoy your rainy day.

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