Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions!

(Update…I was asked to keep my Crystal ball lit for one more day…so I said why not…I will keep the light on until midnight Monday) 

My crystal ball is fired up and I’m ready to tell your fortune!

Fortune telling is offered each week on Sundays. I’ll leave my crystal ball’s light on until Monday midnight, answer your questions, give you time to reply and offer feedback, and then flip the switch off until the next Sunday’s post. You are always welcome to leave feedback and ask general questions.

Yes, you can ask a question using an anonymous name but please use a real e-mail address (visible only to me) or you will be tossed in my spam folder.

Please just ask one specific question. This will give me time to give you a more in-depth answer and offer more people readings.  Full discloser, I’m not a mind reader (in case you were confused and had come to the wrong blog) the more I know about your situation, the more details I can give you. And one other thing, If you get huffy with me about your reading, I have friends that can turn you into a toad and handsome princes or princesses are hard to come by these days.


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15 thoughts on “Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions!

  1. I had weird dream about being in a crowd where I knew everyone, but they didn’t seem to know or see me. What does this mean?

    • Hi Isabel!

      Dreams. So many possibilities. I would love to know your reflections about the dream, because I know you have spent time pondering it. I will offer you some thoughts to use as a springboard, but one thing you might want to try is a little active imagination.

      Close your eyes and put yourself back into the dream room and act out the scene. Pick one person to introduce yourself to as though this is the first time you have ever met. After a bit, you may want to choose a different person and go through the same exercise. The first time you try this exercise, just focus on two people and then slowly come back into the real world. Make sure you have time to reflect before you are interrupted by the demands of life. I think you’ll gain a lot from this exercise and a better understanding of what the dream means to you.

      I’m not sure how or if this will fit with your dream, but here are a few thoughts. Don’t doubt your own clarity in a challenging situation. Right now you’re encouraged to use your gift of intellect and critical reasoning to help you with a situation that you are confronted with. You may be offered and opportunity where your knowledge will be highly valued. There is also a job or a new project coming your way that will require you to think differently than you have in the past. Finances will become clearer, and a new piece of information will become available that will help you identify new financial opportunities.

      • Wow. That was grand! Yes, as you know me, you know that I have been pondering 😉 (it was a morning dream, so with me when I woke) and though you’d asked for specifics, it felt right to give you just the basic outline. But will fill in picture for you a bit: They were all my theatre folk from various parts of my life. I’m just about to embark on the first stage performance I’ve done in quite awhile and so, as you might suspect, I found the dream a bit unnerving and a continuing affirmation of the feeling I’ve had for years now that I am moving away from that part of my life. All well and good, except that I am called on to use my talents there soon! How lovely to reframe this as a way to become reacquainted with that world as though for the first time. I’ll be doing the meditation you recommended, soon — I think it will yield something fruitful. Your reading also mitigated the fear I have here, by suggesting an approach from the point of view of new thinking.

        As for financial matters. . .I did find a nickle on the sidewalk this morning and it made me think that the coin I usually find is a penny, and how this 5 cent piece signified a kind of abundance.

        Thank you, my friend <3

    • DA,

      I’m so sorry about your missing items. I’m not every good at finding things but here are a few suggestions.

      1. Stop saying the items are lost or missing. They know exactly where they are–unfortunately you are the one who is lost.

      2.Let’s get comfortable. Have a cuppa, empty your mind of unsettling thoughts, and tell yourself with confidence that WE WILL FIND the missing glasses and dog earrings.

      3. Where do you usually keep your glasses or dog earrings? First look there. Do it now I will wait….even if you already looked go look there…I’m waiting. Did we find it? If so congratulations…if not lets move on.

      4. Often items are left where they were last used. Sit back down, relax, you don’t have to take a deep breath but it might help. Now try to remember where you last used your reading glasses or wore your dog earrings. Where did you last HAVE it. Because it could very well be in that place. Go Look..I will wait. Did we find it? If not lets move on.

      5. All right. You checked where it’s supposed to be, where it was last used, or where it might have been casually tossed. And it wasn’t there. Or…was it? It’s possible to look directly at a missing object and not see it. This is due to the agitated state of mind that often accompanies a misplacement. Go back and look again. Have someone else look with you. It may be staring you in the face. Any luck? If not let’s move on….

      6. Your object may be right where you thought it was—but it has become hidden from view. Be sure to check under anything that could be covering your object, having inadvertently been placed on top of it Among the most common offenders are newspapers, pillows and cushions. Have we found it? Not yet? Let’s not be quitters….

      7.Think Back: You were there at the scene of the misplacement. You were there when the object was put down—was left in an obscure location—was consigned to oblivion. You were there—because you did it! So you must have a memory—however faint—of where this happened. Think back and retrieve that memory! Are you screaming “Of-course and making g a beeline to that forgotten place? Good Job!! No? Well Shit.

      8. Are you sure you looked carefully? No reason to run around in circles if it wasn’t there the first time, it won’t be there the second. Assuming, of course, that your first check was thorough. Was it? If not, go back and do it again—thoroughly. You found it right? Silly you! No. Sigh. Bang head on wall…but we aren’t quitters

      9. The majority of lost objects are right where you figure—once you take a moment to stop and figure. Others, however, are in the immediate vicinity of that place. They have undergone a displacement—a shift in location that, although minor, has served to render them invisible. Objects are apt to wander. Professional finders believe items tend to travel no more than eighteen inches from their original location. They call this the Eureka Zone, determine the Eureka Zone of your lost object. Then explore it. If this didn’t work…well then I have to wonder…

      10. Did you loan your reading glasses or dog earrings to anyone? Are you sure. Did you check with the usual suspects? Ask them now..I will be back in a bit…I’m a little tired of waiting.

      Ok if none of the ten steps worked then we are just going to have to accept that your items went on an adventure. They will return when they are good and ready and probably when you least expect it or they have moved on and found their place place in the inscrutable economy of the Universe. We aren’t quitting we are saying yes to fate!

      I know you just wanted me to tell you where the items are..but I have given you the tools to find your own items….and isn’t that more valuable? Now that wasn’t a nice thing to think…It took a lot of time to type this up so you had better try each and every step. . .It’s not good karma to tick off the fortune teller even if she is your niece.

      I will be waiting to hear. I have used this method of finding many times successfully!


    • Hi Debbie!

      There is a lot of energy around you right now that is pushing you to move forward. The time is right to pursue your own goals and to do the things you want to do. If one of your goals is to publish a book, I would encourage you to take the next step. Money in the context of “something new” also looks good.

      Debbie, I pulled and reflected on three cards regarding your question, and they all indicate that you have reached a time in your life when you have the creative power and energy to give birth to a new life cycle for yourself. You have the power to manifest your desires.

      It’s an exciting time for you!

      • Ok just a little fortune telling humor. I bet you would like a bit more detail. It seems like you feel the need to control most aspect of your life–inner peace will come when you let go and become more accepting of other peoples choices, are less judgmental and accept the support the universe is offering. When you are worried you aren’t living in the moment (don’t you hate it when people say that…) so instead trade your worried thoughts for a more positive thought or even better yet take action towards what is worrying you. Make a phone call, visualize a more positive outcome, tidy your sock drawer. The truth is your question is completely within your own control. This is good news.

        Best of Luck! And thank you for your patience…!

    • Hi Holly,

      If you are interviewing for a job things look good. If you’re looking for a job the cards suggest you might be happiest working around like minded people in an area where you feel like you can make a difference in other people’s lives.

      If you are currently employed someone or a situation may may have just been resolved or is in the course of being resolved.

      It appears that you are coming through some challenging times and are due a little bit of a break.

      Regarding your health is it possible you or someone close to you waiting for a medical diagnose? If you are waiting for test results they should provide you with a great deal of relief.

      Best of Luck and Thank You for your patience

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