Antique Typewriter Meets Teen

The old Royal typewriter had been sitting neglected on a closet shelf for years when Cole pulled it out and promptly fell under its spell.

I explained about how secretaries used to type letters, contracts, and invoices accurately and at breakneck speed using typewriters just like the one he was typing on. He was impressed and then wondered how the letters were sent after they were typed. I admit, I had to consider the question for a minute.

Cole then wondered, “Where does the ink go?” I explained the ribbon was the ink. The concept was a little hard to grasp. My kid has never known a world without inkjet cartridges.

Planning to write his next paper for school on the typewriter, Cole asked me how he would spellcheck the paper. I smiled and said, “Son, let me introduce you to another old and ancient artifact … the dictionary.”

It seems nostalgia only goes so far.


typewriter nostalgia from Katybeth on Vimeo.

14 thoughts on “Antique Typewriter Meets Teen

  1. My mom had a typewriter just like that. She typed my Dad’s resume’s on it when he was looking for work..and typed the annual Christmas letter on it…and all the other letters….such a lovely sound. Thanks for sharing!

  2. great history lesson for cole! nice typewriter…….what year?
    coolest temps so far…….in the 40s this morning! will not last, but i’ll take what i can get. nik is so frisky! would love to take her to the farm & run with her dobe buds.
    friends in western mi had snow yesterday. you?
    good day!

    • I am guessing early 50’s. Need to look harder for the model number and find out. We did have a little snow but not much. Usually we get our first decent snow around the first weekend in December.

  3. This is so great. My great grandmother use to let me type on her old typewriter and I thought it was so cool. My mom had a newer electric typewriter with auto correct but I loved how the keys clacked on my Nana’s old typewriter.
    I wouldn’t want to trade my Mac for one but still think they are so cool.

  4. I remember seeing some of these! I think one of my old bosses had one. I can’t fathom using one now, after becoming so used to keyboards. But if you watch some of those old journalism movies, you’ll see them in action — how anyone ever got any speed on them remains a mystery. Glad you’re introducing your boy to the “wonders of the ancient world,” haha!

  5. I had a typewriter like this one..I purchased it years ago at an antique shop. I used it for a decoration for awhile until I got tired of it ..sold it at a garage sure was heavy..can’t imagine how people got things done in that era, but they did.

    • This typewriter is very heavy! I don’t have a place to display it right now but will hang on to until I do….I think it makes a interesting decoration piece until of-course you need to move it! 😀

  6. I know some Advertising Agency copywriters that still write copy for commercials this way. Makes one write with authority and conviction, I think. No copy & paste here. One must think through their words. Kind of cool.

  7. After introducing him to the typewriter you should have tried to explain the sheets of carbon paper that were used to make multiple copies. That should really blow his mind.

    • Ug carbon paper! Almost as bad as the old ditto machines.
      (sorry seeing this comment one year later–hate it when that happens!)

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