Chicken Soup For The Soul Day, Pizza With Everything Except Anchovies Day!

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November 12, 2012

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★~ Today’s Quote: “Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone.”  ― Jack Canfield

★~ Chicken Soup for the Soul Day:

We’re all aware of the magical healing powers of chicken soup. Co-authors and motivational speakers Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield wanted to capitalize on that warm and fuzzy feeling by sharing the inspirational stories of others in their book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

Since the book’s release in June of 1993, it — and subsequent like-minded anthologies — has enjoyed phenomenal success. Some of their awards and achievements are:

* In 2008, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” became the best-selling trade paperback series in the history of publishing.

* In 2007, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was named one of the top five most memorable and impactful books of the past quarter century by USA Today.

* In 1999 the authors were included in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for “Most Books on the New York Times Best-Seller List at One Time.”

Why not celebrate Chicken Soup Day by sharing your inspirational stories with others, and inviting them to do the same?

★~ National Pizza With Everything Day (Except Anchovies): 

Really? Pizza With Everything Day doesn’t include anchovies? Doesn’t that seem kind of mean? I wonder if it’s because they’re salty, slimy, fishy, and might mask the flavor of all the other delicious topping on the pizza. But who says that has to be a bad thing? Well, I would, but then I would never order a pizza with everything on it…I select my toppings carefully. However, if you do go to the trouble of ordering a pizza with every possible topping option, I think you should include anchovies. It’s the right thing to do.

Are you wondering why we are celebrating Pizza With Everything On It Day on Chicken Soup For The Soul Day? Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wouldn’t it have made sense to have chicken soup today?” Well maybe it would, but life isn’t all about making sense, now is it? So just eat your pizza, read Chicken Soup for the Soul books and we’ll let you know when it is time to celebrate Chicken Soup Day, okay?

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1859 –  Jules Leotard,  the designer of the leotard, made his first public appearance as the world’s first flying trapeze artist. Jules was the first trapeze artist to  turn a somersault in mid-air and jump from one trapeze to the next. Just 21 years old, Jules had been practicing since he was a little boy. He would swing from a trapeze hanging over the swimming pool in his father’s gymnasium. The years of practice paid off … first as the daring young man on the flying trapeze … and second as the designer of the leotard, still worn by acrobats, dancers and exercise enthusiasts throughout the world.

♥~ 1936 – The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opened to vehicular traffic. Total cost was $77.6 million. Tolls paid off the construction loans within twenty years.

♥~ 1966 – The Monkees was the number-one album in the U.S.

♥~ 1984 – Spacewalker Joseph Allen became the first astronaut to rescue a satellite. The Discovery space shuttle made the million rescue.

♥~ 1988 – Rattle and Hum, the album by U2, started a six-week run at the top of the U.S. album charts.

♥~ 2006 – Ang Chuang Yang, a 16-year-old student in Singapore, broke the Guinness World Record for shortest time needed to type a 160-character SMS (short message service) message. Yang whizzed through the task in less than 42 seconds, beating the previous mark of 42.22 seconds set in July 2006 by an American. I bet she does not have fat fingers.

♥~ 2010 – British detectives investigating the 2009 theft of some 300 brightly colored stuffed birds from the Natural History Museum in Tringarrested Edwin Rist (22), an American student. In July of 2011, Rist was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £125,150, the amount he was estimated to have made by selling the stolen skins. RIst mom was heard saying to her son as they walked out of court, I told you to LOOK not Steal.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1840 –  You may have noticed today’s particularly pensive Google doodle. The serious naked thinker that has replaced the “O” honors the birthday of Auguste Rodin, the progenitor of modern sculpture. Rodin’s most original work departed from traditional themes of mythology and allegory, modeled the human body with realism, and celebrated individual character and physicality.

♥~ 1929 – Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) Academy Award-winning actress: The Country Girl [1954]; To Catch a Thief, High Society, High Noon, Rear Window, Dial “M” for Murder; singer:True Love [w/Bing Crosby]; died Sep 14, 1982

♥~ 1945 Neil Young singer, songwriter, musician: Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Heart of Gold, Philadelphia; group: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: LP: Deja Vu; Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth

♥~ 1948 – Errol Brown songwriter [w/Tony Wilson]: Think About Your Children, Bet Your Life I Do; singer: group: Hot Chocolate: Give Piece a Chance, Love is Life, I Believe in Love, Brother Louie, Cicero Park, Emma, Disco Queen, You Sexy Thing, So You Win Again, I’ll Put You Back Together Again, Every 1’s a Winner, Girl Crazy, Chances

♥~ 1958 – Megan Mullally actress: Will & Grace, The Pact, Stealing Harvard, Monkeybone, Best Man in Grass Creek, Anywhere But Here, Winchell, Queens Logic

♥~ 1982 – Anne Hathaway actress: Get Smart [2008], Becoming Jane, Brokeback Mountain, Havoc, Ella Enchanted, Nicholas Nickleby, The Other Side of Heaven

★~ Did You Know:  Worlds most expensive pizza.

♥~ Nino’s Bellisima Pizza, New York, NY: Born on New York’s Upper East Side, this 12-inch thin crust pizza is topped with Petrossian caviar, lobster tails, crème fraiche and chives. The pie sells for $1000.  (Note: To order this pizza, you must call at least 24 hours ahead.)

♥~ Renato Viola,  Salerno, Italy: If it’s extravagant pizza you crave, it doesn’t get more elaborate than Chef Renato Viola’s $12,000 Louis XIII pie. Topped with eight types of cheeses, three kinds of caviar, shrimp and pink salt harvested from Australia’s Murray River (each grain is hand-picked), and the price includes personal service: a small team of chefs will cook it up fresh for you anywhere in Italy you want.

♥~ Domenico Crolla, Glasgow, Scotland:  Named after the British agent, James Bond, this pizza certainly lives up to its title. At $4,200 a pop, the luxurious pie, known as “Pizza Royale 007,” is topped with champagne-soaked caviar and lobster that has been marinated in 100-year-old cognac. For a touch of class and perfection, the finishing touch on this famous pie is a sprinkle of 24-carat gold dust. The pizza was a one time offer, and it was auctioned on eBay for charity.


Is today a legal holiday?  Are the banks and post office open? I have my day planned!  Foiled yet again?  Yeah, for you, if you have the day off!

Do you have anything fun, exciting, inspirational, silly, whimsical or even ordinary to share?  If so…please do!! Odd Loves Company!

Merry Monday!

4 thoughts on “Chicken Soup For The Soul Day, Pizza With Everything Except Anchovies Day!

  1. I love anchovies! Gold dust on my pizza? NO WAY! Thanks for letting me know what the google doodle was suppose to represent.
    Inspirational? Well my sis said the ice cream pie I brought last night for dinner was devine and she hopes you never stop writing El Morno!
    Monday night football and Pizza with the ‘works’ for this guy.

  2. Those are some extravagant pizzas! I’m with you on the anchovies — yuck! Chicken soup sounds pretty good today because it turned COLD overnight — I’m not complaining, though, because at least my head isn’t stopped up any more! No holiday for me — plenty of work to catch up on. Enjoy your Monday!

  3. Oh my. Those are very pricy pizza pies!! I can’t even imagine eating one and truthfully they don’t sound very good at all!
    No school for my kids today and can you believe I kind of forgot until I spoke to another mom yesterday afternoon. So glad. I was just not ready for the week to start and it was a later than usual night last night celebrating dad-in-laws birthday.
    Have a marvelous Monday!

  4. one of the chicken soup series on dogs had me in tears. i’m such a sap.
    anchovies on pizza will always remind me of my parents. anchovy bread is another favorite of the family.
    those pricey pies are ridiculous. don’t ruin perfectly good pizza.
    no holiday for me which is fine……..cooler weather finally!
    good day!

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